Bigg Boss Tamil Vote (Online Voting) – Season 2 – Missed Call Details


Bigg Boss Tamil Vote: Bigg Boss Tamil Voting aka Bigg Boss Vote for Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 has started and people can vote either through the online voting poll or through missed call service or through Hotstar App. The complete details regarding Bigg Boss Tamil Vote can be found below. This will be the second year for Bigg Boss Tamil. 10 votes per day per Gmail ID will be available, which the audience can use to vote for their favourite. Kamal Hassan, the Host of Bigg Boss Tamil will announce the eliminated contestant based on the vote percentage received. However, the final decision will be in the hands of Star Vijay Management.

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Eviction Process: Each week the housemates will nominate the Candidates for elimination. One person can nominate 2 participants, later the public will vote from the nomination list available online. The person with the least number of votes or with less vote percentage will be eliminated. You can also Vote for Big Boss Tamil here but the votes cast here will not be added in the official count. Bigg boss Tamil can be watched online at Hotstar (Official Broadcaster). The complete details of the Bigg boss Tamil vote process are as follows. Wikipedia

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

bigg boss tamil vote
Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 Vote – Public Opinion:

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial poll conducted by TamilGlitz purely as a public opinion & your votes don’t count in the official one conducted by Vijay TV. Scroll Down for the Official Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Method.

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Bigg Boss Vote

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Official Method:

1. Bigg Boss Tamil Voting through Google:

  1. Go to Google, Sign In and Search ‘Bigg Boss Tamil Vote’ (or) ‘Bigg Boss Vote
  2. Click on the candidate who you wish to vote.
  3. Select the number of votes (maximum of 10 votes).
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Your Votes have been successfully submitted to Star Vijay TV.
Bigg Boss Tamil Voting
Bigg Boss Tamil Voting

2. Bigg Boss Tamil Voting through Missed Call :

To save your favorite Bigg Boss Tamil Contestant, just give a missed call to the below mentioned mobile number.

ContestantMissed Call Number
Vote for Yashika Aanand8367796816
Vote for Janani Iyer8367796805
Vote for Thaadi Balaji8367796803
Vote for MumtazEliminated
Vote for Riythvika8367796812
Vote for Vijayalakshmi8367796817
Vote for Aishwarya Dutta8367796801
Vote for SendrayanEliminated
Vote for MahatEliminated
Vote for Daniel Annie PopeEliminated
Vote for PonnambalamEliminated

How to Vote in Bigg Boss Tamil?

  1. Open Play Store in your Mobile.
  2. Search for ” Hotstar ” app and Install the latest version.
  3. Now open the Hotstar app and search “Star Vijay Live”.
  4. Below the stream, you will find an option to vote.
  5. Choose your Favourite Contestant.
  6. You can also vote through Google by searching “Bigg Boss Tamil Vote
  7. Missed call voting method is also available.

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Status:

This week all the contestants are facing the elimination process except Janani. Votes are to be distributed among the five. Nearly 3 lakh votes have been cast as of now. Seems Aishwarya and Yaashika are getting lesser votes in comparison with the other contestants. However, the difference between the Bigg Boss Tamil votes cast for each contestant is negligible. So with tension building around viewers can expect anything to happen at the very final moment! To add on, Janani is directly into the Finals of Bigg Boss Tamil 2 after winning the “Ticket to Finale” task. Stay tuned to know who gets eliminated the following week. Kamal Hassan has already confirmed that this week there will be Double Eviction in Bigg Boss Tamil House.

Bigg Boss Vote Season 2 Weekly Highlights:

Mumtaz was eliminated this week and it was a shocker to many as the Public opinion revealed that Aishwarya got least votes. Mumtaz was also one of the Favourite to win Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 but later got less support because of her bias towards Aishwarya and Mumtaz and unwillingness to do the task.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Elimination Update: So far Mamathi Chari, Anand Vaithiyanathan, Nithya, Ramya NSK, Shariq, Ponnambalam, Vaishnavi, Mahat, Daniel, Sendrayan and Mumtaz have been eliminated from the show.

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting – Who will be Eliminated this Week?

The online polling of Bigg Boss Tamil Vote is active from Monday to Friday of every week. The results are then collected by Vijay tv and the contestants with the least Bigg Boss vote percentage will be shown the exit. The total vote count of the Bigg Boss poll will be revealed by the host Kamal Hasan, however, the individual vote count will not be disclosed.

Bigg Boss Tamil Online Voting Q&A:

  1. Will Kamal Attend all episodes? No, Kamal will be seen only during the Weekends ( Saturday & Sunday).
  2. How long will the voting take place? Every week from Monday to Friday.
  3. Will elimination happen all weeks? No, Elimination may not happen in some weeks.
  4. Where can we see the Vote results? The voting results will not be publicly disclosed, you have to wait until they announce.
  5. What happens when 2 contestants get the same votes? The decision will be taken by the Vijay tv management.
  6. Where can I watch Bigg Boss Tamil Online? You can watch Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil Exclusively on Hotstar.

Recent Gallery of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 vote:

Following are some of the frozen moments taken during the program. These include the funny moments during some task and Mumtaz getting emotional.

Balaji and Sendrayan - Bigg Boss Tamil Vote
Balaji and Sendrayan – Bigg Boss Tamil Vote
Janani Task | Bigg Boss 2 Tamil vote
Janani Task | Bigg Boss 2 Tamil vote
Mumtaz Crying | Vote Bigg Boss Tamil
Mumtaz Crying | Vote Bigg Boss Tamil
Janani - Bigg Boss Vote
Janani – Bigg Boss Vote
Mumtaz & Yashika | Bigg Boss online voting
Mumtaz & Yashika | Bigg Boss Tamil online voting
Balaji & Dannie | Bigg Boss season 2 Tamil
Balaji & Dannie | Bigg Boss Tamil Vote
Bigg Boss Family
Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants
Bigg Boss Tamil Captain & Dannie
Bigg Boss Tamil Janani & Dannie
Kamal Making Fun | Bigg Boss Vote Tamil
Kamal Making Fun | Bigg Boss Tamil Vote 2
Bigg Boss Tamil Task | Vote
Bigg Boss Tamil Task
Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants participating in voting:

Here are the current Bigg Boss Tamil 2 Participants, each one of them is unique in their own way. People show their likings towards them based on their behavior inside the house. It is evident that Mumtaz, Janani Iyer, Rythvika, Sendrayan has gained huge fan followings as of now.

Yashika Anand: 

Yashika Aannand or Yaashika Aannand (born 4 August 1999) is an Indian film actress and Instagram model. She made her debut in the breakthrough iconic movie, Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru where she played the lead role as Shruti. She is more broadly known as a social networking influencer and as a fashion model. Yaashika is also well regarded for her boldness in attending the interviews. At June 2018, she entered the Bigg Boss Tamil 2 reality show among the contestants after missing out to take part in the inaugural season of Bigg Boss Tamil at 2017. She is the youngest contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil history.


Ponnambalam was considered as a strong contestant initially. He was seen speaking Tamil Culture philosophies inside the house. A lot of memes came in when Ponnambalam entered the house. Additionally, Ponnambalam too had health issues.

Mahat Raghavendra:

Mahat is a Character artist in Kollywood who featured in Mankatha and AAA. He is one of the close friends of STR. Mahat had a love affair with Yaashika inside the house which in fact backfired in his nomination. As a matter of fact, Mahat was already committed to a girl before entering Bigg Boss Tamil House.

Daniel Annie Pope: 

Daniel Annie Poppe is a famous Tamil Cinema comedian, well known for his dialogue ” Friendu love matteru feel ayitaapla” featuring in Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara movie. He was eliminated after being nominated for the second time. Initially, Daniel was accused of his grouping with Aishwarya and Yaashika Anand.


RJ Vaishnavi is celebrity contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil. Notably, she was eliminated once and then asked to wait in a Secret room. But 2 weeks later she was again eliminated based on the votes received.

Janani Iyer:

Janani Iyer is an Indian actress who mostly looks in Tamil and Malayalam films. She began her modeling career through her research and looked in over 150 television commercials before becoming signed by manager Bala to article the lead female role in the Tamil feature film Avan Ivan. She is just one of the 16 contestants of this Tamil television reality series.


Vijayalakshmi is the first Wildcard contestant of Bigg Boss Tamil season 2. She was a heroine in the famous Tamil Movie ” Chennai 600028″, she later entered into TV serials and got featured in SUN TV’s Nayaki serial. Mumtaz has already expressed that Vijayalakshmi doesn’t deserve to enter Bigg Boss Tamil 2 Final.

Ananth Vaidyanathan:

Ananth Vaidyanathan the voice specialist and voice trainer for Airtel Super Singer Contestants got eliminated in the second week of Bigg Boss Tamil. His activity inside the house was nothing great and didn’t fall into the limelight. Before leaving the house he gave advice to his fellow contestants.

Ramya NSK:

The eighth contestant of Bigg Boss 2. Ramya NSK is an Indian Play Back Singer who won many Film Fare Awards. She’s the granddaughter of famous comedian N. S. Krishnan (popularly called ‘Kalaivanar’) and actress-singer T. A. Mathuram. Ramya was accidentally nominated for not performing her Captainship duties properly. But which in turn lead to her exit.


Sendrayan is considered as one of the strongest contestants right now. He is accused of his innocent behavior by his fellow housemates. But his innocence is loved by the audience and was saved for getting evicted many weeks. Recently he came to know that his Wife is pregnant which was an emotional moment inside the Bigg Boss House.


Riythvika is a character artist in Kollywood and much appreciated for her role in Madras movie. She also got featured in Superstar’s Kabali movie. Now Riythvika is one of the favorites for winning Bigg Boss Tamil 2. Her analysis towards the game and straightforward attitude were much appreciated. Being a Tamil girl has also helped her in getting votes.


Mumtaj (born Nagma Khan) is an Indian celebrity and film actress known for her work in Tamil and Telugu cinema. Monisha En Monalisa was her Debut movie in Tamil. Famous for her Item numbers in Tamil cinema. Mumtaj was one of the judges in the of the reality dance competition Boys Vs Girls season 1, which aired on Star Vijay and season 6 of Maanada Mayilada, which aired on Kalaingar TV. She leads the poll whenever she gets nominated this shows her strong fan followings. There is a high chance that Mumtaz may emerge as a winner of Bigg Boss Tamil.

Thadi Balaji:

Balaji is a favorite comedian in Kollywood. He later performed as Host and Judge in various shows of Vijay TV. Initially, Balaji’s temper inside the house was greatly criticised but later gained some fans for his behavior.

Mamathi Chari:

Mamathi Chari was the first contestant to get eliminated from Bigg Boss Season 2. People didn’t like her behavior in the first week and her philosophies were of no use. She was an Anchor in Vijay Television decades back.


Nithya Balaji is the wife of famous Tamil celebrity Thadi Balaji. There were a lot of issues going between Balaji and Nithya before the show and Poshika ( Balaji’s daughter) used to live with her mom. After the show began, there seems a progress in their relationship. Let’s hope they get back to their normal life.

Shariq Hassan:

Shariq Hasan, son of Riyaz Khan got eliminated after he was playfully nominated by Janani. He had a love affair with Aishwarya in the beginning but later went against her. Shariq hopes to become a hero in Tamil Industry in future. His mother Uma Riyaz requested Kamal Hassan to allow her as a Wildcard Contestant.

Aishwarya Dutta:

Aishwarya is currently the most hated contestant by the audience. Her behavior during the Hitler task created a bad impact on her. She (Aishwarya) was saved from nomination by Yashika but people badly wanted to eliminate her. During a surprise visit, Aishwarya’s mother asked sorry to Balaji for her behavior. Dutta made her acting debut with Ramprakash Rayappa’s Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum (2015).

Let us know Which contestant you are supporting and why in comments. So you can vote for the Bigg Boss Tamil housemates here and also check various other polling methods. Let us know your opinion about Bigg Boss Vote in comments and whom you wish to support.  Will Aishwarya be eliminated this week through Bigg Boss Tamil Vote online process? Let’s wait for the result of this week’s Voting Process.


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  1. I support Yashika.she deserves to win because she’s equally capable as Rhythvika. But if u analyze Aishwarya’s behaviour from the beginning, she is a total waste.she will do anything for her to win. She has the worst character like backbite/like/fight/false love/act. All in one is her. She uses Yashika to support her behavior which is another worst behavior. She doesn’t deserve even to come toll this 88th day. Please analyze everyone properly before you vote and select only deserving contestants to finale

  2. I believe RITHVIKA has deserved to go to Finale. Also Yashika.

    I expect both Ishwarya and Mumtaz gets rejected only for their Attitude nothing else.

    Mumtaz is very good in registering her commands by raising her voice and not giving chance to others to speak. There are many examples for this which i have explained already.

    Ishwarya, will never realize her fault of telling lies unnecessarily. So, somebody has teach the lesson without fail at least by this last week. Let seek what Mr. Kamalhasan [the person on behalf of me talking to the contestant during the show].

  3. Really pity on you guys its just a tv show which is for entertainment i dont understand why you people taking so seriously and personal – now lets talk about bb show everyone in this show are actors so let us not teach them how to act, if you want to select who is good or bad you have to c the heart not by their religion, state, caste or country aish and yash never backbite of others if you compare with bulshit janani, balaji, attitude viji and over confident rithvika so plz guys select the people for whom they are and try to understand peoples mind.

  4. Aishwarya poi sonnanga its ok avanga tasknu sollitanga bt yy ellarum avangaka hurt pantringa this is bad ulakathula poi sollathavangala yarum illa so atha solli avnagala target panathinga eptiya irunthalum nengala velilla varunga ok paathu nadanthukkonga thn Aishwarya target pannathinga avangala maari yashika maari antha bigg boss housela yarum irukka mattinga ok

  5. Hai bigg boss Sir… Pls aisu very nice person avengeluku oru 4 varam yaarume eliminate pannelenu kovam… Atha aniku on Sunday janani kamal sir kitde sonnange… Ippoh anthe kovathe elame aisu kitde kadderange atha nalle tha aisu rombe kovam pade theve illame peserenge aluverange pls bigg boss…. Elame aisu ku vote podenge… Yenne keda avenge mele yennthe tappu ille… Pls vote aisu… Aisu

  6. Yesterday’s result was soo wronge . Janani is useless and diplomatic girl soo anyway she is not deserve to stay in bb2 and aishu poi solli sendrayan anna va kill pannala soo why r u guyz hurting and making her impressed .pinnadi pesura balaji ya vida idhu onum periya matter ila

  7. Kamal sir ungameka romba namvikavacha but nengalum kasugatha play pannitinga athuku yen unga ponnu suruthi vachi play pannunga kasu nariya varum thevaillama yen sendu vachi play pannuringa Vijay TV is very bed TRP rating ok good bye

  8. Tamil actor thavaranum nu soliringa athuku pesama tamil actor vache bigboss show panlam la ethuku north indian kuptinga? yasika & aishwarya is a good girl k. tamil actor janani & balaji is very dangerous person for bigg boss home . sendrayan is innocent actor..

  9. I support Aishwarya and Yasika only…(Agree). This is true … Very Surprise that Kamal is very Aggressive on those Girls… Senrayan is a Camera Actor People Showed the way… Kamal Sir I had lot respect on u,… but some thing I think u need to belief People we are not Idiots …. We know what to know what is right.. ur making platform for you. U may do good or bad for State .. but don’t Jump in conclusion …. Have a Good relationship.. See some Videos of MGR …. He was Peoples Man …. This is My Taught… And a Show..

  10. Hai sir,
    I want to say that,aisu is liyer in just words but she is no false in her heart ,but others are false in her heart,aisu has been separate by others and 2 r 3 of them joined and targeted aisu ,a single girl how could carry it ,because of crying she is not Innocent,she is Innocent from hes heart,others r just acting in outside as they r true,and know the thing camera will focus only inside of the house ,not inside of their hearts

  11. All Haters for aishwary ,
    She dont know tamil , still she manage to survive in big boss which i should salute her .
    Kamal sir is slamming her directly in her face , who allowed him to do that ??
    First of all he should respect women .

    And i hope aishwarya should be a winner of big boss, she might be bad with attitude but she is very good by heart .
    everybody have diffrent attitude , its not a issue .

    A million vote for aishwarya from my side .

    • I think for the previous show Kamal supported alot for her …yet why she still dont want use this as a oppurtunity to control her anger..anger is human’s nature..but they should know how to express to other..
      aishwarya has been saved two times frm her friend she still need time to realize and recover..if you compare with Shariq..sendrayan..mahat..ramya all better character than her..
      I didnt blame her..but why not she still the same until now??

  12. The elimination of Senraayan is really based on that he do not know tamil and the Vijay TV is try to get TRP based on BB. For this Kamal Hasan also playing role. Now people well know that the Kamal is not suitable for the Tamilnadu Political Party. Because he also supporting Vijay TV for his political growth. But he cant take any own judegement even Aishwarya’s behaviour. Here dont try to make ppl fool. Definatle Aishwarya should go this week. But you saved her. earlier you saved Yashika. then why you ask ppl to put Vote. waste. PPl should stop watching BB!

  13. Mr. Kamal , what you think about the sentimental idiotism of Thamil people, it’s not for you and your star network’s future (your sponsor) , you aren’t an MGR ,Dr.Kalinger Karunanidhi or Dr.Jayalalitha, you are just an actor, the crown that you wearing ” The Universal star ” it is offering for you for your dedication in the cinima industry, not for your political affairs. But you are using this show for political entrance. This is not fair like a person like you.

  14. Pls ans this question aishwarya was save that meant mumtaz will be evicted
    we r vote daily and kamal sir was very less
    From bigg boss 1.but in bigg boss 2 it was 10% vote more than bigboss 1

  15. Vanakam to all
    neenga solum Aish poi solli task senjuthal ne……strategic na enna poi ya….

    Appe troy war le trojan horse le army vaithu poi solli kudethathe strategic ne solviengala illa poi ne solvienga ……

    Aporam north india also an indians thane appo yen pirachi pattu sollrienga nengga

    Task ne vantha win panna pakunem
    Janani ayer and rithika Create syampathy using they are tamil ponnu……….

    #support/4 YAis globe supporter V5

  16. Dear sir,

    Im from malaysia and im watching bb from first…. This year bb seems like cheating people rather than follow peoples choice…. As i know this week aishu suppose to be out from bb but yesterday she was saved… Im surprised with the bb decision…. Im very upset with the results… How come aishu save where she got very less vote…. Im voting everyday…. So what is the point of voting if peoples vote is void… According to peoples vote aishu should go out… She hvng very very bad attitude…. I think everyone hate her….. What balaji anna said is right…. She is not suitable for sharik family or any good value families…. I hate her tooo much…. I hate to see her face in bb…. Ghost face

    • Absolutely right but , unfortunately this is not about you and me this is about the corporate and the public. Finally the corporate wins again and again

    • This is not the official voting site. Your vote is not counted from here. So dont waste time to vote. Im too from malaysia & its seems that the official site is not visible for malaysia..only india ppl can vote. Ty

    • I agreeeven this week Aishwarya Vote is only 15.00% but to increase the TRP Vijay TV does whatever they want. They make the public fool. If no one watches one episode one day then they will come to know what the public is thinking.

    • Im from Malaysia and im watching BB from first…. This year BB take some money from Aishu seems like cheating people rather than follow peoples choice…. As i know this week Aishu suppose to be out from BB but yesterday she was saved… Im relly surprised with the BB decision…. Im very upset with the results… How come Aishu save where she got very less vote…. Im voting everyday…. So what is the point of voting if peoples vote is void… According to peoples vote Aishu should go out from the BB house … She hvng very very bad attitude…. I think everyone hate her , She is not suitable for sharik family or any good value families…. I hate her tooo much…. I hate to see her face in BB house ….as malaysian we are hate to see her face in BIGG BOSS.. Thamil people PLS help for Janani ayer and rithika Vijayalakshm and balaji anna

    • No. U r thinking is bad.aishu is good only.ok y don’t tell wen Balaji spoke very very bad words. Y?. But so many task aisu did but Balaji don’t did.ok girls always strongly.

  17. I think the entire Tamil Nadu ppl should be ashamed about the yesterday’s results as Big Boss and Kamal been cheated the correct results. Even in Sri Lanka we were expecting that damn Aiswarys will eliminated for sure since she had a bad behaviour and acting so much of smart. I think the entire Tamil Nadu ppl got cheated. It is really disappointed. As a ppl we should not allowed such a thing to take a place since if Sendrayan got eliminated that would be one of great disaster as he was the most innocent fellow in the team. Also Aiswarya she is a such a whore anything will do to remain in the house. Why you guys don’t have back borne to stand up and fight for the right. Also Kamal always been so much talking and praising about him only. DOWN BIG BOSS

  18. Aishwarya is the bravest , she is facing the things . Rest all are playing for Saturday Sundays 😂😂 . Intha kd Balaji laam kd , visha bottle adhuku mela yenna ma yethi vidura Kamal haasan munnadi…
    Vijiylakshmi is playing with mumtaz & Aishwarya but she can’t target them all time .

    • Vijay T V is trying to fool viewers, clearly shows he is supporting North Induians, we should stop watching BIGG BOSS show, Even we should stop watching the Vijay
      T Vitselff, that is the only way to teach them a lesson and to show we have self-respect.

  19. Makkal muttal enbhathy erubekkum show bigg boss aishwarya save anathu makkal therpu elly bigg boss Theroux
    Kamal ku Kelvi araseyal ku vandhu mammal vote pottu Bengal wine paintinga but last year veda this year 10% vote mortgage Eriku so Nan makkaluku onnum panna matta remaing 20% vote podattum nallathu panra or ennoda duty panda but solluvengala

  20. Very big dispointment for me with today bigg boss results the bb team trying to save Aiswarya only from day 1 as a fan I am saying its not fair

  21. I think liers are saved always, honest person not. Please vote for right person, don’t support Aishwarya, mumtaz and yashika, they are playing very well that means cheating. The hitlar task she played is absolutely nonsense, she took revenge on Mr. Balaji, the dust she thrown on Balaji is not she thrown on Tamilnadu people. But even though she is saved by people how. In every episode Mr. Kamahassan giving his comments very clearly vote for right person, this is not only for big boss, we should be United in selecting the right person for upcoming election, I am sure I will support one and only Mr. Kamalhassan only.

    • Told mr.kamal sir this is the stage i can use …. But they can’t used correctly… Show va correct panna theriala… TN CM ana enna panaporaruuu.. saturday votes ketutu genjararuuu… BB show kaga.. always public votes r waste but kadhaaa soldrathu… Call panni vote panlam. …Etc etc… Ish ku oru vote kuda podla… How she can save bb &team and kamal sir… Public emtraaa… Inime trolls kuda pannatheenga athayum stop pannideegu ….. Always public votes waste and this trolls also waste… All stops today itself … Avargale show pannikittu aish title kudukutamm… Don’t worry we can expect bb3 stop this season itself… Public emathureenga…. Idhula oru show va… Now onwards stop comments also.. I’ve 7ids am voting 70votes per day for 5 days its waste…. Na idhuku munnaadi 4 comments pota.. edhuvum varla … Idhu aachi vardha pappom… Bye bb2 time irundhaa finals pappom… Adhuvum top la ish irundhaa pakamataan

      • Waaw senju kaattunge Tamil makkale oru cinima kadha naayagan alla thamizhagathu mudhalvaraga vendiyavaen ,thamilnattie purinjavan than vendum

  22. Whatever its confirmed bb is fack game show… am also voting on every week and it’s showing aiyswarya got little bit votes.. then how can u save ths lady.. and how to tell all are happening bcs public voting is resion… its a last day our people here after definitely didn’t watch this fack show. 😡😡😡

  23. bb is supporting for north Indians clearly proven today…8/9/18 ishwarya saved😠 goggle vote show that ishwarya is in last but how she saved omg!!!! I lost interest in watching bb shit…bb wants to save ishwarya last time same the title wants to go for atleast snehan or harish or ganesh but the title was gone to arav bcoz he is an muslim y bb is relating dis as that they want to be always fist tamil people don’t want to come 1st guys please don’t watch bb … thanku

  24. Big boss great in Big boss Aiswaray is brave girl she is true BB2 contestant no one have courage what she performed the task I hats up to you BB2 true BB2 contestant got she reserve it. I DON’T WANT COMMENTS OTHER contentest but for me TRUE BB2 reality show is 7 star Aiswarya once again that you

  25. This week aishwariya save. I will not aaccepted. Because she is lier. Ippa irukura members la aishwariya thavara vera yar ponalum athu accept panna mudiyathu. Namma win pannanumna poi sollalamna anhu vetri kidiyathu.

  26. Save whomever you want but….rithvika is the deserving contestant for the title …but yashika played very good lie today….very good..shit..

  27. Low vote aishwarya but kamal sir told saved aishwarya. How I believe kamal sir word in future. This is not my single person opinion. Don’t cheat TN people

    • Don’t ever trust this actor, he not only acts in cinema also in the reality show and in politics he will be big liar and tamilnadi people will show him the right place either in Kolkata or Punjab

    • Unnmayana vaarthayigal . Don’t believe others, believe yourself and go forward, think about it ,Kamal is not your or our roll model you and me is the real….

  28. How can bigg boss just go so down
    For everyone the rules are same.
    Whole world watching bigg boss knows that aishwarya is gonna go ….i hope its a bad decision bigg boss ….

  29. Yenna bigg boss romba kevalama judgement kodukarega romba asingama erukku epdi pannadhenga Mr. kamal oru reality show laye unga nermai suthama ellaye ungala nambi Yepdi yenga naata kodukardhu please nijathukkum nermaikkum thaguthiya kodunga.

  30. How can Mumu forget the CHEAP LIE which Aishwarya told yesterday. Please don’t tell that she is like Mother Teresa. Being good to Bad things is very bad

  31. I’m so confused is this Tamil bigg boss or hindi . So much partiality for Aishwarya Mumtaz & Yashika. Tuff task for Rithvika Janani & Vijayalakhmi. Senrayan & Balaji.
    Easy task for Aishwarya Mumtaz & Yashika.

  32. Guys.. Janani is not a good person. Please vote right persons.. Please don’t vote idiotic people.. Janani is a real poison.. Dont believe her and vote her.. Be careful.. Vote the right person

  33. I did not want to watch bb after Mahat’s eviction,still i am willing to see ,however Mumtaz is a “SPOIL SPORT IN BB”she is not worth anymore in bb house,nonetheless Aish is a deliberate trust worthy “SPORTIVE GIRL”she deserves a pat on her back & she’s from my favorite Sourav Ganguly Dadagiri’s home town Cal,she has a gret Opportunity waiting out side for sure & she has to utilize the thrown space once she exits bb & she is bb 1’s Oviya a lovable innocent character in every aspect ,God bless her

  34. My dears Just after seeing Aishwarya with no time decided to go for hair cut sh e is very good but very badly indulged by yasika and mamtaz (now I am realised Mahat allegation was right about Mamtaz);ivoteaish

  35. Please vote Aishwarya dutta sister ….
    She cut her hair sendrayan brother..
    She done her promise…..
    Please vote her and help her
    To play till the final

  36. R u all thinking that Aishwarya Dutta is deserving player of BB2?? She behaved very foolishly in Authoritarian regime task. Authoritarian means expense of personal freedom. Not personal respect… She played with Balaji ‘s self respect. Like Balaji she also told bad words against Rithvika. For that Rithvika can also throw rubbish on her. As audience we can’t accept that… Then y some supporting Aishwarya by saying that is task only?? Because of her Sharik & Mahat eliminated from the BB house. Last week she insulted Mumtaj very much. But that same week she introduced Mumtaj as her second mom to her mom. Some days ago she said that her mom was dead. She is cheating all the BB audience. Yesterday also she cheated Sendrayen very badly to save herself for the next week. But the task was she wants to convince Sendrayen & He wants to sacrifice for her. After all her cunnings, she will start crying for herself to get sympathy of viewers. If u watched BB properly u can get this… I appreciate Yashika. Because she is best colleague. She never cheated anyone like Aishwarya. Rithvika, Yashika & Vijayalakshmi r good players. They r playing with honesty. Please, Don’t support Aishwarya Dutta. If Aishwarya saved by BB that will be very shame for BB fans…..

  37. I 100% agree with you .
    Yash behivoiur in yesterday show was immature talking to useless Aishu telling I will nominate other 2 but you her to convince me . No rules
    and disciple in BB house due to these 2 useless ladies . why Kamal saving these 2 to degrade Tamil people ???

  38. Tamil actor thavaranum nu soliringa athuku pesama tamil actor vache bigboss show panlam la ethuku north indian kuptinga? yasika & aishwarya is a good girl k. tamil actor janani & balaji is very dangerous person for bigg boss home . sendrayan is innocent actor..

    • Bcoz the channel is Star Vijay and he is a north Indian thats y he is putting hindi people forward shit and always saving ish yash and playing game with us he thinks v r all fool….

  39. I support Aishwarya and Yasika only
    they are 2people’s is very good competitors & Aishwarya is a INNOCENT GIRL .PLS SAFE FOR AISHWARYA.

        • As u said if she is really brave and good y she want lie to save herself? Do you think like is a good strategy? If the same thing happens to you or your family members will you still take it easy? Even in a task also she can’t be loyal and honest then imagine how she will be in real? Rythu brave enuf to faced the nomination but y can’t she? She keep lie to cover one lie..!!

          • immature people wont understand your point. they only go by the dance what aishwarya perform. or expressions or so called funny attitude. but aishwarya is cunning girl. very intentional about ehat she is about to in every bit her attitude and approach. but then she rralized its not going to help her in long. term she took sympathy card. bigboss saved her literally. no doubt. only becuase she iis giving some nuisance which creates TRP.

      • Hahahaha innocent girl..she actually creating symphty buy crying n make people attention
        Innocent is Sendrayan trust lies and cheat him..
        Enough lah omg..


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