Bigg Boss Tamil Vote (Online Voting) Season 5


Bigg Boss Tamil Vote aka Bigg Boss Vote for Bigg Boss Season 5 has started and people can vote either through the online voting poll or through missed call service or through Hotstar App. The complete details regarding Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Vote can be found below. This will be the fourth year for Bigg Boss Tamil. 10 votes per day per Gmail ID will be available, which the audience can use to vote for their favourite. Kamal Hassan, the Host of Bigg Boss Tamil 5 will announce the eliminated contestant based on the vote percentage received. However, the final decision will be in the hands of Star Vijay Management.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Voting Eviction Process: Each week the housemates will nominate the candidates for elimination. One person can nominate 2 participants, later the public will vote from the nomination list available online. The person with the least number of votes or with less vote percentage will be eliminated. You can also Vote for Big Boss Tamil 5 here but the votes cast here will not be added in the official count. Bigg Boss Tamil season 5 can be watched online at Hotstar (Official Broadcaster). The complete details of the Bigg boss Tamil vote process are as follows. Wikipedia


Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

bigg boss tamil vote
Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote – Public Opinion by TamilGlitz

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial poll conducted by TamilGlitz purely as a public opinion & your votes don’t count in the official one conducted by Vijay TV. Scroll Down for the Official Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Method.


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Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Official Method

1. Bigg Boss Tamil Voting through Google

  1. Go to Google, Sign In and Search ‘Bigg Boss Tamil Vote’ (or) ‘Bigg Boss Vote
  2. Click on the candidate who you wish to vote.
  3. Select the number of votes (maximum of 10 votes).
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Your Votes have been successfully submitted to Star Vijay TV.

2. Bigg Boss Tamil Voting through Missed Call

To save your favorite Tamil Bigg Boss Contestant, just give a missed call to the below mentioned mobile number.

Contestant Missed Call Number
Vote for Priyanka Deshpande 8367796814
Vote for Isai Vani 8367796807
Vote for Abishek Raaja 8367796802
Vote for Namitha Marimuthu 8367796811
Vote for Abhinay Vaddi 8367796801
Vote for Pavani Reddy 8367796813
Vote for Imman Annachi 8367796806
Vote for Akshara Reddy 8367796803
Vote for Nadia Chang 8367796810
Vote for Varun 8367796818
Vote for Iykki Berry 8367796808
Vote for Shruti Jeyadevan 8367796816
Vote for Thamarai Selvi 8367796817
Vote for Ciby Chandan 8367796805
Vote for Niroop Nandhakumar 8367796812
Vote for Raju Jeyamohan 8367796815
Vote for Chinna Ponnu 8367796804
Vote for Madhumitha 8367796809

How to vote in Hotstar for Bigg Boss Tamil 5?

  1. Open Play Store in your Mobile.
  2. Search for the ” Hotstar ” app and Install the latest version.
  3. Now open the Hotstar app.
  4. Go to the “Bigg Boss Tamil” page.
  5. Below the stream, you will find an option to vote.
  6. Click the “Vote now” button.
  7. Choose your Favourite Contestant.
  8. You have 10 votes each day to vote for Bigg Boss Tamil 5.
  9. Missed call voting method is also available.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Details

Host Kamal Hassan
Starting Date 03/10/2021
Channel Star Vijay
Number of Days 100
Voting Method Online (Hotstar, Google)
Live Streaming Hotstar

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Live Status

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Eviction result will be released on Sunday Episode by Kamal Hassan, however since the Shooting gets over by Saturday, we can expect the eviction results to be leaked even before the show gets telecasted.  Vijay Television will be displaying the Live Vote count of individual contestants who are into the Bigg Boss Tamil Final. The Bigg Boss Tamil vote counts will be displayed at regular intervals in Vijay TV in a small box at the bottom. As of now, voting for Elimination has not started. Bookmark us to be updated.

Who will win Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5?

The online polling of Bigg Boss Tamil Vote is active from Monday to Friday of every week. The results are then collected by Vijay tv and the contestants with the least bigg boss vote percentage will be shown the exit. The total vote count of the Bigg Boss poll will be revealed by the host Kamal Hasan, however, the individual vote count will not be disclosed. The contestant with the highest vote percentage will be declared as the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil 5. So far Aari Arjuna has gained some fans along with few haters.

Bigg Boss Tamil Online Voting Q&A

  1. Will Kamal Attend all episodes? No, Kamal will be seen only during the Weekends ( Saturday & Sunday).
  2. How long will the voting take place? Every week from Monday to Friday.
  3. Will elimination happen all weeks? No, Elimination may not happen in some weeks.
  4. Where can we see the Vote results? The voting results will not be publicly disclosed, you have to wait until they announce.
  5. What happens when 2 contestants get the same votes? The decision will be taken by Vijay tv management.
  6. Where can I watch Bigg Boss Tamil Online? You can watch Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil Exclusively on Hotstar.
  7. When will Bigg Boss 5 Tamil eviction Happen? The eviction happens every Sunday based on the Vote Percentage.
  8. Where is Bigg Boss house in Chennai? Bigg Boss Tamil House is set up in EVP Film City Chembarambakkam.
  9. When does Online Voting for Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Begin? Bigg Boss Tamil Vote begins at 10:00 PM every Monday.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Contestants

Here are the current Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Participants, each one of them is unique in their own way. People show their likings towards them based on their behavior inside the house. It is evident that Priyanka Deshpande , Raju Jeyamohan & Pavani Reddy has gained huge fan followings as of now.

Priyanka Deshpande

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Priyanka Deshpande

The jovial, cheerful and exceedingly pleasant television presenter, Priyanka Deshpande. One of the predominant anchors in Vijay Television, the most persuasive soul whose predominant purpose in vitality is to entertain her folks and community by healthy optimistic means. The modest and fascinating being is an encouraging and promising person in the field. Priyanka Deshpande reached her height through many crusades and combats on her uneven rugged path. Purely by focused determination and perseverance, she endured in the profession. The down to earth, humble, interesting personality is loved by the substantial spread of people throughout Tamilnadu. The boss lady is well remembered for breaking the prejudiced shackles of body contour in the media.

Isai Vani

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Isai Vani
Bigg Boss Tamil – ISAIVANI

Isai Vani, the valiant lady bearing music in her name is a gaana vocalist. The rustic blend in her voice infuses mellifluous medleys with her music squad The Casteless Collective. The young super talented lady songster has executed 10000 surplus music concerts along with her band and her supportive papa, who is also a keyboardist. Isai Vani attained the limelight after her achievement in BBC 100 women awards. Isai Vani, a highly significant woman for smashing the toxic temperament in the culture based on scrutinizing underprivileged people. She stands high after surviving untold stories of anguish and agony.

Abishek Raaja

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Abishek Raaja
Bigg Boss Tamil – ABHISHEK RAAJA

The super talented sarcastic anchor, television presenter, cinema critic, commentator, YouTuber and whatnot. The young boy hailing from the temple city of Tamilnadu to the Bigg Boss villa has carved himself in these years considerably. The actor who played the role of boy bestie in Imaikkaa Nodigal movie and won our emotions with his nailing performance is sure to be acclaimed. The anchor has performed more than 300 surplus interviews with Kollywood kingpins. The cinema payyan’s YouTube channels serve you with satiating delicacy with a rich blend of vibrancy and flavour of cinema.

Namitha Marimuthu

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Namitha Marimuthu

The glamorous and glorious stunning beauty in the film industry. The dazing doll not only restricted herself to bodily beauty but also to substantial Inner beauty. The elegant trans model stands impressive after being responsible for nearly 40 trans women in their exotic endeavours. Namitha Marimuthu is sure to be a spokeswoman on behalf of all trans women in the nation and also the best idol and role model for all women in the nation. Namitha Marimuthu, a girl with incredible dreams and extraordinary pursuits. Namitha Marimuthu enlightened the world with fundamental and essential social norms and is existing as a best example of it.

Abhinay Vaddi

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Abhinay Vaddi
Bigg Boss Tamil – ABHINAY

Born into the celeb clan, living his life as a passionate farmer and entrepreneur, enlighten the world on the importance of natural resources and sustainability. Abhinay Vaddi is a family fanatic who again educates the world by the compassion and love that he expresses towards his wife and daughter. The actor who made his debut in the Tamil industry with his movie young India is highly acclaimed for his performance. Following this, he reprised the mathematical genius Ramanujan in his biopic movie. The actor himself is exceedingly excellent in mathematics.

Pavani Reddy

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Pavani Reddy
Bigg Boss Tamil – PAVANI REDDY

The adorable cute talented television actress who had surpassed tremendous losses has created a peaceful entity for herself through her tireless hard work and vivid visions. The young beautiful lady living her life in the utmost dignified way is celebrated among her fans for her cute impressive performances in the serial Chinna Thambi. The heart-throbbing actress outshines blowing boundless beliefs. The serial actress inspires the world with the importance of self-love, mental health and inner peace through her lovely Instagram posts.

Imman Annachi

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Imman Annachi
Bigg Boss Tamil – IMMAN ANNACHI

The cheerful, hilarious naive person who makes one forget their fusses with his comical banters. The actor, supporting character, comedian, commentator, television presenter and anchor especially has a strong fan base among children. Imman Annatchi is notable for his television shows Sollunganne Sollunga and Kutties Chutties. The television presenter climbed to the silver screen with his tireless efforts and inputs on a long term basis. He is notable for his appearance in movies Jilla and Poojai by sharing screen space with Kollywood bigwigs Thalapathy Vijay and Actor Vishal respectively.

Akshara Reddy

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Akshara Reddy
Bigg Boss Tamil – AKSHARA REDDY

Miss Super Globe India, Miss Super Globe International, Miss Navy Queen, Miss South India, Miss Beautiful Face, Miss Beautiful, Miss Popularity, Miss Beautiful Smile, Queen of Villa to Village and whatnot. The elegant model won so many beauty pageants and brought India the dignified and glorified moment especially to Tamilnadu. The Tamil speaking beauty queen and top-class model with soulful attraction towards strays are especially loved for her charming smiles. The beauty queen had strode over 150 surplus ramps all across the country and the globe. The kind-hearted and beautiful-faced young lady is truly adorable.

Nadia Chang

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Nadia Chang
Bigg Boss Tamil – NADIYA CHANG

The gorgeous YouTuber and Instagram influencer fleeing from Malaysia Twin Towers to Bigg Boss Villa are all set to carve beautiful, exciting and fascinating storylines here. The stunning model has strode numerous prestigious ramps and stood high as Mrs Malaysia World 2016 Finalist. The heart-throbbing model and television actress broke the shells of subtle societal norms and rose with the vibrant blaze both in her vivid visions and in her wild dreams. Nadia Chang remains an impeccable influence for the women in wedding locks and mommy manifestations.


Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Varun
Bigg Boss Tamil – VARUN

Varun is an Indian actor and a dedicated fitness freak born in a filmy lineage and brought up with stardom. Created an impressive impact in the movie Puppy helmed by Nattu Dev and played the romantic interest of Comali movie fame Samyuktha Hedge. This movie earned him a remarkable reputation and gained him recognition in the industry. The steadfastly determined actor for his thriller movie Oru Naal Iravil he gained nearly fifteen kgs to sport the look of a commoner, an auto driver. The cinema personnel also worked as assistant directors with renowned veteran directors including director A L Vijay for his Thalaivaa movie featuring Thalapathy Vijay in the lead role.

Iykki Berry

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Iykki Berry
Bigg Boss Tamil – IYKKI BERRY

Iykki Berry, a cosmetic surgeon to a songster, hailing from the traditional district Thanjavur, Tamilnadu is transformed into a modern modest fashionista. The professional medic and passionate poetic vocalist from the music educational institute of Oscar Awardee A R Rahman later in 2008 has now stepped into the subsequent enthralling venture in life. Iykki Berry brought India and incredibly to Tamilnadu the dignified credit as she is the first female Tamil rapper. The charming Vibrant doctor cum Rapper is all glad to set the Bigg Boss villa to blaze with electrifying enchanting vocals and vibes.

Shruti Jeyadevan

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Shruti Jeyadevan

Shruti Jeyadevan, a highly proclaimed fashionista, fashion blogger, fashion model, fashion designer, fashion influencer and whatnot. The gorgeous Indian based model all the way from Texas is all set in vim and vigour to grab the title Bigg Boss and adorn it to her. The exceedingly captivating boss lady herself, Shruti Jeyadevan is almost to throw in a neck to neck rivalry with the rest of the contestants in the Bigg Boss villa. Shruti Jeyadevan is best remembered for valiant and savage attempts against her cybersurfer haters for the choice of her fashion, accessories and clothing.

Thamarai Selvi

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Thamarai Selvi
Bigg Boss Tamil – THAMARAI SELVI

Thamarai Selvi, the reviver of the pride of Tamilnadu by her stage works, the theatre artist, the stage performer has now gained stardom after she stepped into the television reality show Bigg Boss. Thamarai Selvi is a strong determined and dedicated Drama Artist who brings out the plight and chaos of the drama artists in Tamilnadu. The theatre artist now breathes the foreseen future success story in her massive blown up past life.

Ciby Chandan

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Ciby Chandan
Bigg Boss Tamil – CIBY CHANDRAN

Ciby Chandan, an Indian actor who works predominantly in the Tamil film industry as a supporting artist. Ciby Chandan came into the spotlight after his screen space with Thalapathy Vijay in his blockbuster movie Master. Ciby Chandan appeared as one of the promising and consistent students of Actor Vijay in the Master movie. The audience witnessed his vigorous performance in the worldwide famed Vaathi Coming song. Cibi Chandan’s debut movie was Vanjagar Ulagam helmed by director Manoj Beedha. Ciby Chandan after his fame in Master is well recognised and accomplished for his victory in the Bigg Boss battle.

Niroop Nandhakumar

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Niroop Nandhakumar

Niroop Nandhakumar is an Indian based model born in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh and brought up in “namma” Chennai, Tamilnadu. The manly model is celebrated most for his physique and height. Niroop Nandhakumar is well proclaimed for his 6’4″ feet inches. The tallest person in the Bigg Boss season 5 is awaiting to win the title and put on a tough competition with his hefty competitors. Niroop recently completed his performing arts course training at MindScreen Film Institute. The aspiring actor is the existing example to claim the quote,”love for hair has no gender”.

Raju Jeyamohan

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Raju Jeyamohan
Bigg Boss Tamil – RAJU JEYAMOHAN

The Indian television actor rose to the silver screen by much determined hard work and strong dedication towards consistency. Consistency is the mantra that Raju Jeyamohan conforms to when it comes to profession. His beloved wife Tarika is the woman behind his back, the supporter, the mentor and the well-wisher who carves him towards goals and accomplishment. The successive endeavour that Raju Jeyamohan commits to is striving hard to survive in the Bigg Boss villa with competing neck to neck with his smart counterparts. Raju Jeyamohan’s vast knowledge of cinema lies with scriptwriting, directing, dialogue delivery and spontaneity to whatnot.

Chinna Ponnu

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Chinna Ponnu
Bigg Boss Tamil – CHINNA PONNU

The charming Chinna Ponnu is an Indian folk vocalist sprinkling the aroma of flavoured rustic Tamil lyrics in all her songs. Is a well reputed and captivating playback singer in the Tamil film industry. The Nakku Mukka singer has worked under Kollywood bigwigs and Kingpins including Superstar Rajinikanth, Vijay Antony, A R Rahman, Anirudh Ravichander, D Imman, Devi Sri Prasad, GV Prakash, Hip Hop Tamizha and director Gautham Vasudev Menon. For her super famed foot-tapping Nakku Mukka song, she even received the Kannadasan award for the best folk singer in Tamil film.


Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Madhumitha
Bigg Boss Tamil – MATHUMITHA

The gorgeous model was born in Srilanka and brought up in Germany, the world-class model and innovative fashion designer who is shaping up herself for her passion and goals. The proclaimed model and fashionista whose strong desire on the silver screen has brought her to the television screen. The stylist’s desire and dreams carried her to the Bigg Boss Villa and she is one of the eighteen tough necks to neck cut smart and clever contestants. The designer is all set to design an embellished foreseen prosperous future with Bigg Boss being her stepping stone.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Contestants

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 also has some amazing contestants, you can know about the season 4 contestants here. Aari Arjunan
was the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil 4 and Balaji Murugadoss ended up as runner up.

Shivani Narayanan

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Shivani Narayanan
Bigg Boss Tamil – Shivani Narayanan

Shivani Narayanan is an Indian Model turned Actress, well known for her work in the Tamil Television Industry. Shivani was born on the 5th of May 2001 and is 19 years old. She was born in Sattur, Tamil Nadu. She discontinued her studies after twelfth, and started modeling due to her interest in acting and fashion and participated in many pageants. This gave her great exposure and a good kick start to enter the industry. She was seen on the Television, in the Tamil show Saravanan Meenatchi Season 3. She then made her debut with Sneha in TV serial Pagal Nilavu and gained huge appreciation. She then took a brief break after which she was seen in Rettai Roja, a Tamil serial. This was her comeback in which she was playing a dual role.

Jithan Ramesh

Bigg Boss Tamil vote for Jithan Ramesh
Bigg Boss Tamil – Jithan Ramesh

Jithan Ramesh is an Indian Actor who has done some notable work in the Tamil and Telugu Industries. His name is Ramesh Choudary and he is the older brother of Tamil Actor Jiiva. His father is R. B. Choudary, an Indian Film Producer. He entered the film industry through his role in a telugu film, Vidhyarthi. His Tamil debut film is Jithan released in 2005 after which he was known with the name, Jittan Ramesh. The movie has a sequel too, Jithan 2 released in 2016. He has then worked in many Tamil films like Madhu, Jerry, Osthe, Jilla etc. He was also seen in a Malayalam film called, Day Night Game. His wife is Mrs Shilpa Choudary and the couple has a daughter, Tusha who was born in 2007.

Suresh Chakravarthi

Bigg Boss Tamil vote for Suresh Chakravarthi
Bigg Boss Tamil – Suresh Chakravarthi

Suresh Chakravarthi is an Indian Actor, Anchor, Writer, Director, and YouTuber.He is from Chennai, TamilNadu. Mr. Suresh is well known for his work in the film ‘Azhagan’, he also has a youtube channel named Suresh Chakravarthi with the food chain “Chak’s Kitchen”. He has over 45 videos on his youtube channel and has also featured well-known actors like Ramya Krishna and Supriya in his series called Star Special. He started the channel around 4 months ago and already has a huge audience. His youtube channel now has 47,000 subscribers. He makes videos in Tamil which attracts a lot of local audience’s appreciation.


Bigg Boss Tamil vote for Rekha
Bigg Boss Tamil – Rekha

Rekha whose real name is Sumathi Josephine is an Indian Actress who is known for her work in the Tamil and Malayalam Industry. She was born in Kerala and completed her studies at Ooty in Tamil Nadu. She has acted in hit Tamil movies like Ramji Rao Speaking, and Aye Auto in Malayalam and, Punnagai Mannan, En Bommukutty Ammavukku and Kadalora Kavithaigal, Kavalan Avan Kovalan, Ninaive Oru Sangeetham, etc. Her debut film is Kadalora Kavithaigal in Tamil. Other than her work in Tamil and Malayalam movies, she has also done an amazing job with some telugu films like Kanam and Neelo Naalo. She also appeared in few Kannada films during her early days like oornachandra and Nanna Shathru. She has also appeared in quite a few Tamil and Malayalam TV Shows. She received the Filmfare Award for Best Actress in Malayalam for Dasharatham released in 1989.

Ramya Pandian

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Ramya Pandian
Bigg Boss Tamil – Ramya Pandian

Ramya Pandian is an Indian actress known for her work in the Tamil film Industry. Ramya was born on 13th august 1990 and is 30 years old. She was born and brought up in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. She has come into the limelight with her role in the movie Joker, Which also received a National Award. Her debut film was, Dummy Tappasu in 2015, she also worked in a short film prior to that titled Maane Theyne Ponmaane. She also participated in a show Cook with Comali and ended as a third finalist. She also was seen as a judge on a Tamil comedy television show, Kalakka Povathu Yaaru alongside Pugazh. She currently resides in Chennai and is working for upcoming Tamil films.

Anitha Sampath

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Anitha Sampath
Bigg Boss Tamil – Anitha Sampath

Anitha Sampath is an Indian Television/ News Anchor and a Voice artist. Anitha Sampath was born on June 12, 1992, in Chennai, India. She is 28 years old. She did her schooling and under graduation in Chennai itself. She is an Electronics and Communication Engineering Graduate. She is known for her work in Tamil TV Polimer News and News 7. She has also appeared as a News anchor in movies like Kaala, Sarkar, Varma 2.0, etc. She also made her acting debut in the Tamil series Emergency on Youtube Channel Put Chutney. This series got her good recognition of her performance. She also has her own channel called, Anitha Sampath Vlogs, and posts daily vlogs to entertain and engage all her loyal subscribers.

Gabriella Charlton

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Gabriella Charlton
Bigg Boss Tamil – Gabriella Charlton

Gabriella Charlton is an Indian child artist seen in Tamil films and Television shows. Her debut show was Junior, a TV show/ dance program. She was nine when she did her first show. She also ended up winning the show which led her to the road of fame and opportunities. She was then seen in a Tamil school opera, 7aam Vaguppu C Pirivu, and another dance reality show Jodi Number One, Season 6. Her debut film was the Tamil movie ‘3’ string Dhanush and Shruthi Hassan. She played the role of Shruthi Hassan’s Sister. Soon after 3, she was also seen in the movies Chennaiyil Oru Naal, Appa, and its sequel Appa 2. Appa a Samuthirakani movie was a hit and got Gabriella good recognition too.

Aajeedh Khalique

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Aajeedh Khalique
Bigg Boss Tamil – Aajeedh Khalique

Aajeedh Khalique is an Indian playback singer. Aajeedh is best known for being the title winner of Super Singer Junior 3. He has received his title from A.R Rehman in the show. He is from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and is a graduate. Lately, he came back into the limelight with his videos that went viral on a now-banned, video-sharing app Tik Tok. Aajeedh is very active on Instagram too. He is very active on social media and has a good audience that follows and gets influenced by him too. He also has a youtube channel where he shares his music videos. Enakkondrum Vaanveli, Angry Birds from the movie Poovarasam Peepee are some of his well known Tamil songs.

Balaji Murugadoss

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Balaji Murugadoss
Bigg Boss Tamil – Balaji Murugadoss

Balaji Murugadoss is an Indian Actor, Supermodel, and Entrepreneur. Not only that he is also a beauty pageant titleholder. Balaji was born on 2nd December 1995 and is 25 years old. He was born and brought up in Tamil Nadu. He did his schooling in Chennai itself. He is a graduate of SRM university. Apart from academics, he was also a district level kabaddi player. His love and dedication towards modeling and acting made him seize every opportunity that came his way. He was announced as the Top Voted Fresh Face 2017 and walked for huge fashion labels. He won many beauty pageants since then including Mr. Perfect Body 2017 organized by Times of India in Mumbai. He was also listed as one of the Chennai Most Desirable Men 2019 again by the Times of India.

Rio Raj

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Rio Raj
Bigg Boss Tamil – Rio Raj

Rio Raj is an Indian Video Jockey, best known for his work as an anchor and TV Presenter on the Tamil channels Sun Music and Vijay TV. He also worked in a short film, Kadhal Ondru Kanden in 2019. Ans was seen in noted Tamil films like sathriyan and Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja released in 2017 and 2019 respectively. He has also received great appreciation and awards for his work on television. Coming from a VJ background he was honored with the ‘TV actor who made into silver screens award’ during the Galatta Nakshatra awards- in 2019. He received the ‘Find of the year Award’ in Vijay Television Awards 2017, ’ Best Anchor of the year Award’ in the Vijay Television Awards 2019.

VJ Archana

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Archana VJ
Bigg Boss Tamil – Archana VJ

Archana Chandoke or better known as VJ Archana is an Indian television anchor who has hosted many Tamil television shows. She was seen hosting much comedy, Reality shows on Vijay Tv, and is one of the well-known anchors of the Tamil industry. She was born on 17 February 1985 and is 33 years old. She hosted TV shows like Comedy Time, Kalakka Povadhu Yaaru, Ilamai Pudhumai, Celebrity Kitchen, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Seniors, SaReGaMaPa LIL CHAMPS Season 2, Super Mom, and more. She was also seen starring in the Tamil films En Vazhi Thani, Vazhi, Vaigai Express, Yenda Thalaiyila Yenna Vekkala. She was also seen as a judge for the comedy show Junior Super Star. She was awarded the Best Anchor award in Zee Kudumbam Viruthugal 2018.

Sanam Shetty

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Sanam Shetty
Bigg Boss Tamil – Sanam Shetty

Sanam Shetty is an Indian model and actress. She is known for her work in the Tamil and Kannada Film industries. Sanam was born on the 12th of November 1985, in Banglore, Karnataka. She won the title Miss South India in 2016 and had modeled for many reputed brands. Her name in the modeling industry drove opportunities her way. Her debut film was ambuli released in 2012. Maayai, Vilasam, Katham katham, kalai Vendhan, Sawaari, Thagadu are some of her notable works in Tamil Film Industry. She was then seen in a Malayalam film Cinema Company and few telugu films like srimanthudu and singham 123. She also starred in a few Kannada films like Atharva (Her debut Kannada film) and Vara.

Samyuktha Shanmughanathan

Bigg Boss Tamil vote for Samyuktha Shanmughanathan
Bigg Boss Tamil – Samyuktha Shanmughanathan

Samyuktha Shanmughanathan is an Indian model and actress, she’s well known for her work in Malayalam and Tamil film and television Industries. She Was born on 31 December 1984 and is 36 years old. She currently resides in Chennai. She is married and her spouse is Mr. Karthik, the couple is also blessed with a son. She kick-started her career in Modeling and her first big step was participating in the Miss Chennai 2017, after which she shifted to pursue a career in acting. Her debut Television show was a Tamil serial Chandra Kumari, in which she played a negative role Rudra. Her acting debut in films was a Malayalam film Olu released in 2019, the film was directed by Shaji N Karun.

Aranthangi Nisha

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Aranthangi Nisha
Bigg Boss Tamil – Aranthangi Nisha

Aranthangi Nisha is an Indian film actress. She is known for her work in Tamil Film Industry. She was born on 10th March 1985 in Aranthangi, Pudukottai. She is 35 years old. She holds a bachelor’s degree from JJ College of Arts and Science, Pudukkottai. She made her debut on television through a Tamil television show “Kalakka Povathu Yaaru Season 5”. It was a comedic show and she did stand up comedy in it, which was loved by the audience. She also participated in Mr & Mrs. Chinnathirai and was seen in the show, Kalakka Povathu Yaaru Champions. She also starred in a short film Mr. Kareem before debuting in films. She was seen in the films, Kalakalappu 2, Irumbu Thirai, Maari 2, Attu Anandhi, Kolamavu Kokila, Aan, and Devathai.

Aari Arjuna

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Aari
Bigg Boss Tamil Aari – Arujunan

Aari Arjuna better known as Aari, is an Indian film actor, theatre artist, and fitness enthusiast known for his work in Tamil Film Industry. Aari was born on 12th February 1985 in Palani, Tamil Nadu. He is 35 years old. He is married to Mrs. Nithya, the couple tied the knot in 2017. His wife is from the U.K. His experience with the theatre gave him a good hold on acting. His debut film was Rettaisuzhi released in 2010. His major breakthrough was by the movie Nedunchalai released in 2014. His character Murugan was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by the critics and the audience. He also gained a huge appreciation for his role in Maya’, a supernatural Thriller, alongside Nayanatara.

Som Shekar

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Som Shekar
Bigg Boss Tamil – Som Shekar

Som Shekar is a Model and MMA Trainer who is a surprise entrant to Bigg Boss 4 Tamil and looks forward to winning Tamil people’s hearts. Som Shekar is not considered as a celebrity as his details are unknown before entering the Bigg Boss House. He has won two gold medals in men’s 66kg boxing match and is the defending champion. We wish him all the best in his Bigg Boss 4 Journey.

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Vote has begun. Let us know Which contestant you are supporting and why in the comments. So you can vote for the Bigg Boss Tamil housemates here and also check various other polling methods. Let us know your opinion about Bigg Boss Tamil Vote in the comments and whom you wish to support.  Who do you think will win Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5. Let’s wait for the result of this week’s Voting Process.


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  1. I support Mr.Suresh. Even he does hit to Sanam Setty with intensely or not, he was make an apologize to Sanam Setty even to everyone like Nisha and Ramya. He was say sorry for many times. Unfortunately if VJ Archana ask touch the foot for sorry, I believe Suresh will be willing to do it. But Sanam Setty never apologize to Mr.Suresh for using ‘Da’ even no any one (including VJ Archana) say to Sanam Setty that she need make an apologize for using disrespectful word towards older person like Mr. Suresh. Many of them inside Big Boss Tamil season 4 house, address Mr.Suresh as ‘tata'(Grandpa) but no one voice out against Sanam Setty for her disrespectful word towards ‘tata’. Gabi where are you now?🧐 You forget that Mr.Suresh the one & only man, who supports you for the captaincy task. Anyway as viewer and tamilan, I strongly support Mr.Suresh even his behaviors like kids and he has prove his maturity level in so many places.

    • Big boss I have one question how how is eliminated with Suresh because this is one of the best entertainment of bigg boss – season 4 and this supporting more than 4232350 people votes I am very shocking with this big boss decision no more I am watching big boss season 4

  2. Hai Kamal Sir. I am Anushya. Always I watch Bigg boss 4….. I see bigg boss 1,2,3…Everyday I will vote for surash… I didn’t like sanam , Rio ,
    I hate sanam because she using ( valiya vada ) unnecessary word to surash sir, he is just play only , she didnt given respect to surash sir age , I dont like

  3. In bigg boss season 4 i like ramya pandian and now archana akka 1.ramya akka is always good only she is a only person who is straight forward in bigg boss show.she is not at all acting .she is being her shelf only ok pls vote for ramya akka .2.archana akka she is so bold and brave and she is so entertaining the contestants . keep it up akka dont lose ur confidence ok pls vote for our archana akka .And all the best for all contestants .be happy always thank u.

  4. I like big boss l will see 2 times. It is a good oppertunity for them .they are very i didn’t get this Chance..
    மக்களில் ஒருவன் நான்.

    • Hi I am arun from trichy me bigg boss call u chance very wonder full game but fight vera level like u kebi and ramiya pandiyan and sanam aka mostly tuff contest ramiya and ajith and shivani my vote ramiya and kebi I love for big boss nanunm big boss LA kandipa varuven enakum andha chance kedyikum epdiyavathu kasta patu poven try to my habit

  5. Sanam is shown in situations and discussions as there, but not paying attention. For example when the cooker top was not working and suresh was explaining why, and after the whole explaination was done she asked again, what was wrong starting the problem up. Same for when suresh was democratically choosing whom for what chore, she was there from star to finish, and at the end of the appointing, she speak her opinion of how it was done, speaking without the knowledge of knowing it was done as such. I think MAYBE that is a visible health warning. No offense intended. When someone has severe trauma from an injury, the brain does what it can to help. She said she was hanging on the gate for hours after she fell, and spending a year bed-ridden. The mind will, in a way “take you somewhere else”, to distract from the pain, suffering and the stress. Maybe if she is out of big boss, she should go for a check up. It seem the same all the time – dicussion / situation / arguement occurs (in or around her presence), confrontation starts, issue comes to a close (resolved or not), and then she chimes in, and starts the instance up again. I do not think she is doing it on purpose – as the contestants are saying, “making a small issue big by bringing it up over and over again”.

    • Sorry, lots of spelling mistakes. Line 9; start. 11; spoke. 25; argument.

      Addition to original: She should go for a brain check up. Maybe her brain is zoning in and out without her knowing about it.

    • With all due respect,
      I am a big fan of Big Boss Episode too. I interact with lots of people about Big Boss to understand their point of view .

      Commonly, I don’t see any problems with Sanam unless you are a supporter of Bala. That day Bala offended Sanam deliberately and then manipulated it . Ramya also supported him and played safe . Samyuktha also played safe . No one talks about that and it goes unnoticed and I wonder why !!!
      Suresh left the option open for the team mates to select their respective work departments but he proactively chose the names for budget tasks . That’s why she raised that question . Samyuktha was one amongst that selected ones and that’s why she spoke against Sanam and supported Suresh. That week everyone where playing safe and we’re very cautious not to get into any trouble.

      When Suresh asked the cooker top he was rude and arragont to Sanam . Moreover she was not there when he explained it . Even if she was there but not listening do you justify that Suresh being rude is right .
      Self respect is same for everyone irrespective of the age and status . If you expect respect from others you should respect others first . If you expect politeness and humbleness from others first you should carry these qualities with you .
      Suresh is smart. He is using his experience and intelligence and he is outsmarting everybody . I agree and at times I admire it. He was watching Bala fight with Sanam and He was using it to his advantage. Any obstacle on his way is his target . He even influenced Bala against Sanam without knowing the fact, why don’t you speak about that . Sanam I Herself .
      Here is my opinion after interacting with lots of people .

      Rio – Want to be the center of attraction. He assumes himself to be the Gang leader and is arrogant . Doesn’t deserve the title
      Nisha – very irritating . Unwanted crying scenes . She is not sportive by nature. She doesn’t even deserve to be a part of this show . Still she is bcoz of Vijay TV
      Anitha – Always camera cautious and worried about audions opinion. Always creating scenes for nothing . What you said last matches for Anitha.
      Velmurugan – Doesn’t have any clue about the game and he doesn’t know what he is here for .
      Ajeeth – Too young and immatured to be a part of Big Boss I wonder how Vijay TV gave him the opportunity.
      Bala – Very Very arrogant . Success is on his head. I am clueless why people support him. People who have touched peaks in their career share some common qualities and I don’t see even a single quality in that list . So he is obviously simply waste.

      Samyuktha – Yet to reveal the true colors. It appears like she is shrewed but she is wearing a mask.

      Suresh – The only person in the all the Tamil Big Boss seasons who is playing the game well.

      Aari – Great Personality . Deserved Title winner but obviously Vijay TV won’t do it . So it should be somebody else

      Ramya – Cunning FOX . Contestants and people will realize it very soon

      Gabi – clever but I’m matured . Getting carried away so easily . But I guess Vijay TV will push her to the top for TRP.

      Ramesh – He is inside only bcoz he is son of the great Producer .I

      Archana – Thinks she is the Big Boss . Doesn’t matte bcoz she will be evicted very soon.

      Sanam – Seems to be innocent . But still , we need to wait and see whether she deserves the title .

    • Sanam is very rude bad girl she not Match big boss she is very old man playing for jolly sanam is over ruder girl hate sananm

  6. Hi Big boss pona bigboss la losliya kadisi varikum irunthanga ippom ramya pandiyan irukanga avanga kadichee varikum iruka prayer panikudaran

    • Plzzz. suresh uh elimate pannunga….avvan romboo எல்லய மீறி போறான்….கமல் சார் கிட்ட கடுமையா கண்டிக்க சொல்லுங்க…16 people kum எதாவது உயிர் சேதாரம் ஆயிடுச்சு நா நீங்கள் தான் பொறுப்பு…bigg boss

  7. Hlo
    I know everyone loves Losliya… But everyone should understand that when abirami told her love to kavin that time shakshi was a friend to both of them.. After few days kavin get closer to shakshi… That time she like him… But she didn’t know this is only infactuvation because everyone know that just a person cares lot they get attracted…. Bt kavin said that we can continue our relationship outside…. So she thinks to love him……. But in bb Losliya is acting … She is more poisones…………… Don’t try to spoil a shakshi life…. If u commend abt her think u will not respect any girl…….. 😡
    Dharshan was so fantastic person
    Mugen pls keep distance with abi
    Sherin a lovely friend

  8. losliya Akka neenga first nallathaa irunthanga. enakku ungala romba pidichu irunthathu. Ana ippo konjam change agi irungiga nu therithu. yellar munnaadium pesum pothu yousichu pesunga. neenga correctaa irukinga nu over confidenta irukaathinga. so athanala kooda neenga chinna chinna thappu seiringa. so athanala thaa neenga nominationla list vanthudringa . so over confident vendaam. then neenga neraya pidikum pidium word use pandringa. athu enakku konjam pidikala. pls don’t use the word. pidikkum. pidikkum endrathu oru nalla vaartha. that word yallarukum, Yallaraium pidichathaa irukkanum. unga oruvarkku mattu pidichu irunthaa etho oru thappu irukku.. i think. neenga neengalaa irunthingana you r the winner in the bigg boss house thanks and sry..

  9. Nethu episode la saravan sir velila anupitinga, bigg boss veetla irunthavanga, i meen avarodu irunthavanga romba feel pananga. so realy saravan sir was good person in the bigg boss house. ithu avar kooda irunthavangaluku therium. I am so sad when i yesterday event. then one dought for Mugin Anna. I ask one qustion for you. Y neenga matha girls kitta pesrathvida. Mathu Akka vidam pesamaatringa. Avanga romba nallavanga, avangitum anbu kaatunga.Yellarkiteyum nalla pesunga. jolya irunga..
    romba kova padathinga, control yourself.

  10. Hi Kamal sir,
    I am support to losliya and kavin, nenga rendu perume first nenga nengala irunga, unga mind la yedho distabance irukku adha sekkiram azhichittunga plz, nenga rendu perum starting bigg boss vettukku vandha appo eppadi erundhingalo adhe mathiri irunga,
    All the best to yours losliya sister and kavin bro,
    Thank you.

  11. We hate Sakshi. Everyone gets angry and unhappy with Sakshi attitude. We support Lasliya. Sakshi should be evicted to play fair games among boss housemates.

  12. First Abirami kavin ah love pannum pothu sakshi help pannuna, abirami kavin ah vittu ponathum sakshi ku kavin mela love vandhucha,

    Sakshi over Acting pannatha, Kamal sir already solli irukaru Acting over achi na nammku serippu vandhuirum.

    Bigg Boss sakshi ah evict pannunga pls.

    I fully support to losliya & kavin

  13. Fist sandy anna I love u sooo much .na biggboss pakkarathy sandy akkakagathan .nethu oru game.ethula irukkura varaikkum joliya santhosama irukga .shakshi panna thappa ava othukkamatraga avaga pannaninathu nayama katrathukku matravaha mela thappu soldraga. Biggboss v2la irukkura yarum babys illa .konjam mechuritya ringa

    • We hate sakshi because she is. Fair and lier then she is attitude very bad sakshi should be evicted pls we support losliya i love losliya and sherin

  14. Hi bigboss,

    My vote for kavin and madhu pls bigboss shakshi and losliyava veliya anipita problem solved. Losliya starting la irunthu nala irunthaga ipo character change akthu elame shakshi solakudathu renduperu melayu mistake kavin melayu mistake irku game pola parkanu elame game play pana vantha gala or love pana vantha gala what bigboss intha season very worst I like kavin madhu, darshan, and sandy.

  15. I could see a true colour of losilya and she is playing safe game between kavin and shakshi. Though she is come from Sri Lanka I thought she will play for her career but the way she is doing looks like not worthy lady

    • Sakshi has triggered. Everyone gets angry n bursts out when they are blamed indirectly. Sakshi doesn’t have rights to ask losliya to stay away from kavin because it hurts her. In fact she should only talk about this to kavin. Not the rest of them.

    • Losilya plays well the game and she speaks from her side ,it is correct. the jail judgement for losilya not correct. Saravan attitude towards cheeran sir is worst. He always targeting cheeran sir. Sandy always supporting what he saying about cheeran sir. Kamal sir please ask the question to saravan irrespectable words towards cheeran sir.

  16. Sir pls evict Sakshi this week…she is create so many issues biggboss house ..losliya Kavin kaiya pudichathu thappunu soldranga..but losliya kaiya pudika vendamnu neenga solli irukanum Sakshi sollbothu athuku enaku urimai ellanu soldranga…appadi soldra avangaluku kaiya pudicha ethuku kovam varuthu..athuku mattum urimai Iruka…I hate Sakshi..pls don’t vote Sakshi..

  17. Kamal Sir have to ask a question to Skashi did Kavin confess to her that he loves her or Shashi confess to Kavin that she loves him,, their are arguing for nothing and Kavin don’t look like a guy would give false promises. Theri are all in 1 house and merely not and issue to get to know everyone well.. Skashi is so dominaring and over possessive with Kavin. Skashi should get out all will be well if she leaves.. She has no talent only fighting talent

  18. I support for losliya……shaski semma game play pandranga…..kavin Nalla mattikittaru….but no of people’s supported for kavin …..🤔

  19. Hai being an artist Mr.kavin is playing smart game with all people who have good opinions with him now all of them will get back with this issue only of him this issue he have to play like an maturity person don’t hert any body.

  20. Send both Sakshi, losliya out.. Big boss house will be good and kavin would be fine.. As if these girls were innocent and blaming kavin for everything..

  21. My vote is always kavin brother,because avunga frienda palagirukaga,but ellarum sakshi emotional annavudana ellarum kavin bro nominate pandranga,but one thing anga enna nadakuthunu avunga yarukkum theriyathu oruthar soldratha vachu decide pannavum kudathu,kavin bro manasula ethuvum illa,avunga yarta pesunalum sakshi kku enna .avangaloda rights i hate sakshi…reshma,sherin mathavangala pathi pinnadi pesuranga,its not a good habit.but sherin velila nalla nadikuraga,losliya open character that’s good,i like losliya sis……like her dance,speech,thimiru etc…..all the best kavin brother,and losliya sister…☺☺☺☺👍👍👍👍👍👍

  22. Kamal sir :-
    Shakshi -kavin prblmku oru kurum padam poduga plz,antha kurum padam yar itha frst create panathunu .Losiliyavukum oru kurumpadam podunga ,apo than antha ponna yarum hurt panna maatanga, 1st day nyt abiku kavin mayla interest vanthuchu ,then abi pota plana ,shakshi eduthu kavina crct panna try panuchu ,ipo ennana overa scene create panuthu .kamal sir neega mudicha prblma again payrusaaki shakshi scene create panni kavin losiliya life spoil panna try panraga ,ennanu intha week kaylunga sir.ivungalta paysala yartayum paysakudatha,athu yn apudi ,kavina plan potaru correct panna ,shakshi than plan potuchu kavinuku unnma thayrinjonay vilagitar,pidichavangalata paysurar .
    Ithula shakshi over react panuthu.ennanu kaylunga sir .

  23. Shakshi – Neegala oru possessiveness scene create panni ,neegala poi nalla irunthavanta ne yn react pannanu kaytu ,drama pani avanoda freddom disturb panitu ,ipo yn ivalo payriya dram create panriga ,elarum Oviya aagida mudiyathu ,shakshi romba try panathiga oviya maari love visiyatha kondu vantha popular aagidalamnu ,neega drama panriganu vetta velichama thayriyuthu.

  24. After watching day by day, i feel Kavin and losliya acting together to make sakshi bad person, poor thing she is a women who are so hurt after someone play with her feeling. So pity seeing sakshi coz of this she cant play the game probably.

  25. The whole show is spoiled by sakshi.she and her mouth he way of talking irritating.
    when kavin wants to get away from her also she is not leaving him.when kavin is happy in chating with LOSLIYA, SAKSHI should understand that kavin wanted to get rid of her frienship. simply she is talking about ” emotions” always. just 38 days over.what bloody emotions .u r a divorcee and u expect a bachelor to come and hang around u always.u have to give space for him is his pleasure to chat with whom he likes. that u cant comment on he a slave to u ? u r not at all looking good and looks elder to him.
    pls.leave kavin. dont trouble him by saying “he have to give space to get rid of your emotions” yyyyyyyy? he gave u long space and went to Losliya.ok?
    just zip your mouth and get away from “bigg boss”

  26. I vote for meera mithun Akka because she have a good character, and mature in this house… Please don’t blame her and she also have heart… I Malar 😎 from Malaysians. My full support is go to losliya sister 😍 and Mugen Rap bro 🤩. All the best to lovely sis 💕 losliya and my Malaysian brother 👨‍❤️‍👨 Mugen rao. Abang main pandai – pandai. I think Mugen rao bro can learn Malaysian language. Love u losliya sis and meera mithun… Don’t blame us… Meera mithun My support always Meera sis she is good character and mature in this house… But some situations la avunga problem ah clear explain Panna mudiyala athan avunga neraya problem la mattikkuraanga this week kurumpadam kodutha kamal sir kku rompa thanks…. I like Meera sis.. I am always supporting you once again love you sis ❤️😍😘.. Don’t worry about it sis

    • Please people don’t vote for sakshi… she has to go out.. alway crying and blaming kavin.. because kavin is doing everything only for content and he has accepted but only she has taken it in wrong sence
      .. so she can not blame kavin and more over its not a platform to choose a lfe partner and as kvin said you can decide it once when u go out… so people don’t vote for sakshi.. only if she goes out.. we can see the happy kavin as early….

  27. Hi bigg boss,,, my full support kavin and shakshi,,,, I hate meera,,,, oru chinna problem ah big problem ah create panranga,,, then epovum Sandy and kavin kuda dhan irukaga,,, athu avaga safe agurathukanu therla

  28. Reshma , Abhirami ,Sakshi Agarwal, Sherin Shringar…..inthe gang uh first pirikenum

    ithekele paathaley irritating irruke ….

  29. i hate Sakshi , Sherin Shringar ,Abhirami and Reshma…EEEEeee
    evange rombe perfect mathiri yeppo pathevangele thappu sonnite irrupange …
    atheliyum inthe sherin irruke aiyayooo vai uh athuke bajari mathiri nadethekethu …

  30. My support always Meera sis she is good character and mature in this house… But some situations la avunga problem ah clear explain Panna mudiyala athan avunga neraya problem la mattikkuraanga this week kurumpadam kodutha kamal sir kku rompa thanks…. I like Meera sis.. I am always supporting you once again love you sis

  31. Enoda support vanthu sandy,saravanan,tharshan,madhumitha,mugen…avanga crt aha irukanga nu thonuthu ..apram last varaikum sanfy confirm varuvaru nu promise pani solra😁😍

  32. Sherin sis is very worst person in the bigg boss house. Yeana avanga mathavangala romba kastapadra maathiri pesraanga so i hate Sherin sis..

  33. My Support Was Dharsan anna Because Avainga En Favoruite Actor Atharva Look La Erukainga And Antha speech Sema Cute Ah And Anna hair Style And Activity Pakkava Eruku Pls AlL The People Support Dharsan Anna Srilanka Kingmaker…..😍

  34. Kamal sir I am a big fan of bigboss I’m watching the bigboss from season 1 so I think meera is not a suitable person for bigboss house she is trying to project her self like oviya but she’s not so please eliminate meera or pleace connect a call with meera I wanted to ask some questions from her .A kind reqest from dilshan srilanka (+94 6568380)

  35. Love u losliya sissy and meera overah panraanga avanga side iruka opinion ah tha solrangaleh thavira. Mathavanga solratha kaathu kuduthu kuda kekrathu illa na pidicha muyaluku moonu kalu nu irukaanga aprm mohan sir vanthu meera dress zip pottu vidunganu sonnappo crt ah pesanaaru Ana ipo hug panni kiss panraru ithulayu crt ah irukanu illa enga pochu sandy master love u master m.g.r good character tharsan anna sema sollaveh venda abi also cute sherin baby love u madhu sissy great

  36. I have an doubt that i actually gve more vote for meera to eliminate by tiz show. She is not fit for tiz show oru kurumbadam potathunala meera nalaponna portrait panna mudiyathu so i want her to eliminate tiz show bt the vote which i gave for eliminate only becuz na per day 50 votes na meera ku click panra.
    Least vote yaruku kudukromo avaga eliminate avagala illa safe avagala. Clear my doubt.

  37. I like cheran madhumitha and losiya. Because all are playing well the game of big boss.shiak is emotional only she is tell the true.but i don’t like sherin.she is game in double side speaking

  38. my support always to my brother sandy …………..
    there is a lots of social groups supporting u brother ……………..
    u will be the winnner

  39. All are acting nicely…..first one week only they showed their real face….after one week they are alert that people are watching us….

  40. Hi kamal sir am kavitha …am biggest fan of u…unkalukaga than big boss pakroam ….mu favvv losliya, sandy,tharshan,mugen ivanga final pona nala irukum…mohan,madhu,meera,sakshi over acting plz ivangala anupitunga

  41. Meera neeyaellam oru manusiya unakku vaekkama lila body thaeriyuramathiri dress podura poiya nadanthukkura romba over act pandora. Mohan vaithiya unna onnu kaekkanum unnoda ponna katti pidichi mutham koduppaiya avalavu irukkama pudichi mutham kodukkura unnoda character worst character nee oru thappana aalu. Please send out that idiot person he was over acting. Poda poi unnoda ponna katti pidichi mutham kodu koodavae paduthukko.


  43. The best character. I sawed in bigg boss 3 ….. Ordinary and Cool person is sandy anna….. I will support always to sandy anna….. I believe that title goes to sandy anna… 👍

  44. Sakshi be urself don’t blame others….i always support losliya , madhu , SANDY MASTER, tharson, mugen , kavin…

  45. Abirami and mera are mem creaters and waste of trash , they don’t deserve to be in bb3 bcoz they fight between personal motive action , most of all abirami still acting as a model inside house also.

  46. I support mugen…. but pls kamal sir meera and sakshi conversation clear ah explain panuga main ah kurumpadam poduga bcoz yallarukum ena unmaiya nadathadhu nu theriyum sakshi mathi pesuranga…..kind request kamal siru

  47. Hi Bigg Boss

    i am bigg fan of Losilya baby…….and one more Antha Mohan kelavana veliya anupunga. Bigg Boss pakkave mudiyala overa panra antha manisan. Ethuku solrana Meera Vantha puthusula dress ku jip poda sollum pothu periya yokkiyam maari pesana antha aalu eppa ellarukum katti pudichi mutham kudukrathu mattum ellama enaku enaku nu kettunu thiriuran antha manisana first veliya anupunga Bigg Boss plzzzzzzz……

  48. Always i am support to madhu akka,losilya akka,sandy master and my crush boy M.G.R because i like good thing to you all and i love soooo much.I am dava from malaysia.


  50. Vanitha is really… really… great woman
    She is very intelligent and straight forward,
    Enaku romba pidichiruku..avanga ilama big boss house nallave irukathu
    Super ah kitchen work pathupanga
    Mathavanga problem thannoda problem ah paakranga..
    I love vanitha akka

  51. Thank u bigg Boss vanithava veliya anuppunadhuku next target meera anuppunga adhuvu enga maakallagiya engal kaila irukku

  52. My support to Losilya and madhu is not acting, vanitha should go out… Stupid women,… Sakhashi be urself… Don’t blame others unnecessarily… Meera… Over acting…

  53. Hai Kamal Sir. I am Taarani. I am from Malaysia.. My age 12…Always I watch Bigg boss 3….. I see bigg boss 1,2,3…Everyday I will vote for someone… But Vanitha is not a good person…. I didn’t like her…. I like Mugen Rao, Losliya and Meera…Meera also not good but she is modelling …my ambition also modelling… So I like her…. Kavin attract more girls…. Why he didn’t talk good with Meera… She have black skin ahh?? I didn’t like Kavin too… Madhu..she is over acting… She is a good person and she believe the God…. Mohan hates person..Cherran he fell he is the best director… Over acting…. Sakshi she is worst…. She talk double sided…. So please see this message and show to them…. Or reply me… Bye Sir….. Please….☺☺☺

  54. I love Meera mithun Akka because she is so true but some times she is not true but Madhu Akka and Meera Akka both were close after a huge fight but that vanitha aunty created huge fight between Madhu Akka ,Fatima ma’am and Meera Akka so I think vanitha aunty so go out of the big boss house please support Meera Akka and vote for Meera Akka how many times you can vote for Meera Akka I am the crazy fan of Meera Akka I voted for Meera Akka 3000 votes for Meera Akka I will vote for Meera Akka again I will do please vote for Meera Akka please ……………………………..

  55. Vanitha va v2ah vituu veliya anupunga bigboss order podura Mari man en istathuku than irupen na athellam avnag v2oda vachukkanum intha vantha ellarume onnu than many solratha than kekkanum enaku age athigam nu apdi ninaikuranga oru mukkiyamana Visayan Tamil ponnunu solrangala Tamil ponna irunthutu ipadi than Saththam pottu samnathame illama pesuvangala ipadilam la iruntha yaruku pidikathu bigboss avangala veliya anupirunga

  56. Mugen anneh i alwayz support to you…😍😍
    My vote for mugen and tharshan annaz only😎
    Muah dear broz😘😘😘
    Love you so much😍😘😍😘

  57. Mugen anneh…u don’t worry….🤩
    Ofc the title winner is you…😍😍
    As a sister i alwayz support for u anneh…👨‍👧
    Love u so much bro…😘😘
    Malaysia MgR😎😎

  58. I Naresh 😎 from Malaysians. My full support is go to losliya sister 😍 and Mugen Rap bro 🤩. All the best to lovely sis 💕 losliya and my Malaysian brother 👨‍❤️‍👨 Mugen rao. Abang main pandai – pandai. I think Mugen rao bro can learn Malaysian language. Love u losliya sis 😍💕💖

  59. Previous voting list la sakshi taan last ahh irunthanga but fathima va anupitinga ipo vanitha taan last la irukanga enna nadakka poguthu nu thrla paakalaam 🤦🤦🤦🤦


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