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Sasikala warns Tamil Nadu CM

Sasikala is the General Secretary of AIADMK. OPS aka O.Panneer Selvam is also from the same party and currently he has been chosen as the CM by the party members after former CM Jayalalitha's death.     Now Sasikala's party says CM OPS doesn't discuss with current General Secretary Sasikala when taking any major action or decisions. They are upset over this...

Modi avoids Jallikattu Petition

MP's of AIADMK party has gone meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Delhi to give a petition on helding Jallikattu for this Pongal. The AIADMK MP's have given the AIADMK's current General Secretary Shashikala's petition to Minister of State to Forest and Environment sector.     Later they went on to meet the Prime Minister Modi, but Modi refused to meet AIADMK...

AIADMK Members Touching Sasikala’s Feet

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQl_H-tXUBA&feature=youtu.be   Sasikala is a close friend of Jayalalitha and after the death of Jayalalitha the ADMK members started to fell on Sasikala's feet , the same happend with Amma too . This act almost confirms that Sasikala will be the next head of ADMK party.