Thanthi Tv Rangaraj Pandey Interview with Sivakarthikeyan -Full video

Sivakarthikeyan Thanthi TV interview :

Sivakarthikeyan appeared today in Kelvikkenna Bathil show of Thanthi TV and answered the questions of Rangaraj Pandey. After his emotional speech mixed with anger in the Remi thanx giving meet , people were left with many questions regarding what made Sivakarthikeyan to cry , these questions were answered in Thanthi TV interview. Watch the above video . Exclusive Interview with Actor Sivakarthikeyan – Thanthi TV

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Sivakarthikeyan Crying and Emotional Speech at RemoSuccessMeet

Sivakarthikeyan cried today in the Remo success meet and went emotional. The issues he face during a movie release made him emotional and also praised the producer of REMO movie.

Movie release is always a issue and its hard for an actor to face that and wait for the movie release . Sivakarthikeyan went emotional !!