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Bigg Boss Telugu Vote (Online Voting) Season 2 | Missed Call & Elimination Details

bigg boss telugu voting
Bigg Boss Telugu Vote (online Voting) is a process in which People will be allowed to choose their favorite contestants in Bigg Boss Telugu 2 and save them from getting eliminated. The contestant with the least Bigg Boss Telugu Vote will be eliminated every weekend. The public will be given 50 votes per day per Gmail Id. Below is...

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote [Online Voting] | Season 2

Bigg Boss Telugu VoteĀ is an online process where people choose their favourite contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 and save them being eliminated. Voting begins every Monday and Natural Star Nani will announce the result on Weekends based on the vote percentage. The maximum vote count is 50 every day. The show is gaining popularity slowly but people comment...