10+ Facts About Blue Whale Game That Everyone Must Know


10+ Facts About Blue Whale Game Everyone Must Know

Fact 1: The term “Blue Whale” is derived from the beached whales, which is related to suicide.


Fact 2: The game is reported to have started in 2013. The “F57” was the name of one of the first of the “death group” of the VKontakte social network. It has now spread in many countries.


Fact 3: It’s not a downloadable software or app. It’s primarily a social media phenomenon that enters social media networks from secret groups.

Fact 4: It assigns 50 tasks to players during a 50-day period of time. The player has to take photos while undergoing the challenge and upload them as proof for the curator’s approval.


Fact 5: The final challenge is to commit suicide. All the assigned task is tracked by a curator. The tasks include watching horror movies, make cuts on arms and legs.

Fact 6: It allegedly caused its first suicide in 2015.


Fact 7: Philipp Budeikin, a former psychology student from Russia is claimed to have invented this game.

Fact 8: The creator of the game is arrested by Russian police and sentenced to 3 years


Fact 9: He said that the main purpose of his creating the game was to “clean” the society by forcing people, who have no value, to commit suicide.

Fact 10: A 17-year-old Russian girl is arrested of masterminded Blue Whale game.

Fact 11: In Russia in 2016, Blue Whale became a huge craze among teenagers. It caused many unrelated suicides in the country. As per reports, more than 100 teenagers have allegedly committed suicide to complete the challenge.


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