10 Things that you might not have noticed in Baahubali 2

Rajamouli didn’t show Bhalla Deva’s Wife in both Baahubali the Beginning and Baahubali the Conclusion

Both Amarendra Baahubali and Mahendra Baahubali Mentioned their name as Shivudu


Both Amarendra Baahubali and Mahendra Baahubali Grew up under different mother


Both Amarendra Baahubali  and Mahendra Baahubali fell in love deeply to a woman who was fighting bravely


Amarendra Baahubali’s Introduction scene had him pulling a ganesha statue chariot, Mahendra Baahubali carried a Siva Lingam on his shoulders in Baahubali : The Beginning


Kattappa says that in kunthala kingdom,the pindaaris kill people & throw them in water for fun , Later Amarendra Baahubali kills all of them by opening the dam water


Sivagami gifts bhalla deva a bow & arrow, using that he can aim at a target up to 100 feets. Finally she dies after being shot by the same bow and arrow


Kumara Varma’s room is full of paintings portraying him as a great warrior, in such one painting he will be holding a guys up in his hand, later when he got courage & the moment he stands up he lifts a person in real


Amarendra Baahubali’s mother died on his birthday, Mahendra Baahubali’s father dies on his birthday, Bhallala deva’s son bhadra died on bhalla deva’s birthday


Story started with Shiva Linga and ended with Siva Linga (Same Location)


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