7th Place for Ajith, 3rd Place for Surya, Where is the Vijay?

The famous search engine ‘Yahoo’ released a list of most searched actors in south India.In the top ten list, four of the actors are from Kollywood. With 72.56 Million searches Actor Vijay is dominating the list. Apart from Vijay Surya, Ajith Kumar and Siva Karthikeyan are also on the top ten list.

10.Siva Karthikeyan – 44.28M

09.Ramcharan – 49.86M

08.Prabhas – 54.25M

07.Ajith Kumar – 59.96M

06.Magesh Babu – 60.25M

05.Allu Arjun – 62.12M

04.Junior NTR – 65.23M

03.Surya – 66.58M

02.Pavan Kalyan – 70.12M

01.Vijay – 72.56M


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