Aishwarya started crying to get First place


In Today’s Bigg Boss 2 Tamil promo. It seems that Bigg Boss gives a new task to all the housemates. All the housemates in the house seriously very shocked when Aishwarya started crying for first place For clear updates watch the full episode, Watch the promo below.


Yaashika fights with Janani for Finale week

Aishwarya is cheating to win the Task


1 thought on “Aishwarya started crying to get First place”

  1. The way the show is going its almost clear that right from the beginning it was per-decided for both Yashika and Aishwarya to take the top 2 positions else how is it possible for yashika to save aishwarya multiple times and aishwarya not only saved herself but was given an opportunity for sport nomination of rithvika and this saving and spot nomination powers werent given to any one even rithwika being a captain was nominated. Also in the recent color task how was it possible for a girl of non-tamil background and who has poor tamil vocabulary and speech was able to perfectly both identify and remember colors in pure tamil that too ootha, Paluppu etc and other tamil colors which is a challenge to even native tamils with english as first language? Right from the beginning if one watched it more than a thousand percent evident that peoples vote is nothing but bigboss own votes or from some click farm and evictions are just those who dont bring any TRP and not those for whom the people vote for else both Yashika and Aishwarya would have eliminated long back for dirty behavior, and mumtaz who wont even wake during mornings nor take part in tasks cross the 85 day mark? If BigBossTamil season two is to be fare, then top 3 positions has to go to one of the Rithvika, Vijayalakshmi & Janani (golden ticket) and fourth & fifth between Balaji & Yashika. Aishwarya who got redcard from public long long back is nowhere to be present on BBTS2.


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