Ban Beef Meat first- Kamal Hassan


Day by day the issue about Jallikattu is getting worse. Since the supreme court banned Jallikattu there have been lots of discussions and opinions about this decision made by supreme court. Most of the Tamil people has criticized this decision which made by supreme court and lots of youngster were at the protest at the marina beach against the decision of supreme court this Sunday.



Tamil actors like Vijay Sethupathy, G.V. Prakash have also condemned the decision made by supreme court and Now actor Kamal Hassan also gives support and expresses his views on banning Jallikattu. He added that original name of Jallikattu (Tamil-Eruthaluvuthal) which can be translated as Hugging the Bull. He also said bulls are treated nicely in Tamil Nadu than other western countries bull fights where the Bulls will be served as a beef (meat of cow and bull) after losing the bull fight. So if you want ban Jallikattu ban Beef meat too.


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