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Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote is conducted by Asianet channel for the reality Show Bigg Boss Malayalam hosted by Mohan Lal and voting has already started. The show has debuted in Malayalam after being hit in various other languages. This is the very first season of Malayalam Bigg Boss and people are very much excited to watch it. Bigg Boss Malayalam Voting shows that the initial impression of the show is good and the contestants seem entertaining. The voting process for Bigg Boss Malayalam will be explained below and here you can vote for Bigg Boss Malayalam.

bigg boss malayalam voting
bigg boss Malayalam voting

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote:

This polling is conducted to eliminate one of the contestants from the bigg boss Malayalam house. The person with the lowest vote result will be eliminated without any further ado. You can vote Bigg Boss Malayalam here conducted in our site

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial poll and is conducted just to know the public opinion. The official method is mentioned below.

Online Voting Method – Bigg Boss Malayalam:

  1. Google the term ” Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote ” or ” Bigg Boss Vote Malayalam” or ” Bigg Boss Malayalam Voting”.
  2. A Snippet as shown below will appear
bigg boss vote malayalam
bigg boss vote Malayalam

3. Click the image of the contestant who you wish to vote
4. Choose the number of votes from the slider that appear
5. Submit the votes by Signing in using Gmail ID.

There is also missed call service provided by Asianet where you can just give a missed call to cast your votes. The number for each contestant will be announced during the end of each episode.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote Contestants Insight:

1.Swetha Menon
The first contestant of Bigg Boss Malayalam, Swetha Menon the popular Malayalam actress who debuted in Anaswaram (1991) and has acted in Bollywood. Mohanlal calls her ‘a beautiful girl who stole everyone’s hearts’.

Shwetha menon Bigg Boss Malayalam vote
Shwetha Menon | Bigg Boss Malayalam vote

2. Deepan Murali:
The popular Malayalam Tv actor, who married just two months back, present himself as the second contestant of Bigg Boss Malayalam show.

Deepan Murali Bigg Boss Vote Malayalam
Deepan Murali Bigg Boss Vote Malayalam

3. Sreelakshmi Sreekumar:
The daughter of legendary Malayalam comedy actor Jagathy Sreekumar is the third contestant to enter Bigg Boss Malayalam house.

Sreelakshmi Sreekumar Vote Bigg Boss Malayalam
Sreelakshmi Sreekumar Vote Bigg Boss Malayalam

4. Srinish Aravind:
The most loved Malayalam Tv actor who appeared in popular tv serial Pranayam. He is the fourth contestant of Bigg Boss Malayalam.

Srinish Aravind bigg boss voting malayalam
Srinish Aravind Bigg boss voting Malayalam

5. Hima Shankar:
Popular actress and social activist Hima Shankar is the fifth contestant in Bigg Boss Malayalam house.

Hima Shankar Bigg Boss Malayalam Voting
Hima Shankar Bigg Boss Malayalam Voting

6. Suresh Thampanoor:
Suresh Thampanoor aka Aristo Suresh is a popular Malayalam actor and playback singer. He is the sixth contestant on Mohanlal’s show.

SureshThampo Bigg Boss Malayalam Voting
SureshThampanoor Bigg Boss Malayalam Voting

7. Diya Sana:
Social activist Diya Sana responsible for the controversial campaigns like Kiss of love and bare chest protests in Kerala, was the seventh contestant of the show.

Diya Sana Bigg Boss Malayalam
Diya Sana Bigg Boss Malayalam

8. Anoop Chandran:
The Popular comedy actor and activist Anoop Chandran is the eighth contestant in the show

Anoop Chandran Malayalam Bigg Boss
Anoop Chandran Malayalam Bigg Boss

9. Aditi Rai:
The popular Malayalam actress who, appear in Anyarkku Praveshanamilla movie was the ninth contestant to enter the Bigg Boss Malayalam house.

Aditi Rai Vote Malayalam Bigg Boss
Aditi Rai Vote Malayalam Bigg Boss

10. Basheer Bashi:
The famous Malayalam businessman and Tv actor, who caught in multiple controversies said he come here to change his image.

basheer_bashi bigg boss vote malayalam
basheer_bashi bigg boss vote malayalam

11. Manoj K Varma:
The popular Malayalam actor and businessman Manoj K Varma, who also acted in multiple Tamil movie. Enter the Bigg boss house as eighth contestant.

12. Pearle Maaney:
The Tv anchor and popular bike, Mohanlal quoted her as “she has ridden all the bikes in the world.”

Pearle Maaney bigg boss online vote malayalam
Pearle Maaney bigg boss online vote malayalam

13. David John:
David John is a professional model-actor, who hailing from Irinjalakuda appears in multiple brand promotions.

14. Sabumon Abdusamad:
Tharikida Sabu Sabu aka Sabumon Abdusamad is known for his controversial comments. He was the fourteenth contestant on Mohanlal’s show

15. Archana Suseelan:
The celebrity anchor who known for playing vamp roles on television show.

16. Ranjini Haridas:
Popular anchor and actress Ranjini Haridas who has been known for her involvement in several controversial issues. Mohanlal called her one of the most important contestants of the show.

So these are the details regarding Bigg Boss Malayalam voting and here you can also seek knowledge on how to vote for Bigg Boss Malayalam. Asianet is the official broadcaster of Bigg Boss Malayalam and will has all the rights regarding Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote.


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  1. The VISUALS of bigg boss inmates, so far, not displayed to them EXCEPT pearly and sreenish scenes together, in last night’s episode.. others were also planning, discussing criticizing , but inmates do not know what is going on in between them.. especially pearly….. only viewers are able to see what was going on in between the it was AGAINST RULE to show them pearly’s and sreenish’s visuals.. anyway their scenes were cute.. pearly and seenish were there to play a game.. about other things when they get out of the bigg boss house they can take decisions.. Most of the inmates do not like pearly.. so their opinions on this matter is not important.

  2. Sabu and Anoop were talking about manners and adding love while cooking and serving food. (here also pearly was the culprit). Where were these people when Renjini shouted in a very rude way to Aristo when he was taking food few weeks back? Even the viewers shocked hearing her shouting and they didn’t expect such rudeness from her.. now she is telling sureshettan didn’t talk to her. How could anyone talk with a person who had this attitude.. Moreover t she was always with Swetha and others company. Archana seem to be a good person..

  3. Though pearly and sreenish talking scenes bring smiles to us, they should not take any decisions too soon.. when you come out of bigg boss you can think abt it… They use the common place to sit and talk..which is good

  4. Bigg BoSs contestants should give big salute to our fishermen (kadalinte makkal)..Mohanlal should tell them they actively took part with the rescue team in the flood hit areas in Kerala and saved many lives…they deserve this… bigg boss house inmates miss this news about them..

  5. Anoop Chandran announced he is against using to chemicals , but he was ready to use HIT, that too while breakfast time!! Pearly and Hima recklessly disposing HIT , throwing it somewhere.. is this the way dispose things? Male contestants.. . wear tee shirts..

  6. Hai big bos and laletta.ranjini enna vishathae purathakkuka.avalkkariyam perlykku vote adikam enganeyenkilum a valae purathaka manasikamayi thalarthukayane.perlyum sreenishum.suresh chettanum big bossil thudaranam. Perlyeyum,shiyasineyum,suresh chettaneyum karayichathil ithayirikkattae avalkkulla siksha.bad girl


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