Bigg Boss Telugu Vote – Online Voting – Season 2 | Elimination Details


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote conducted by Star Maa has begun. Everyone is busy voting Bigg Boss Telugu right? If you are confused on how to vote for Bigg Boss Telugu then your search ends here because here you will get all the details regarding Bigg Boss Telugu Voting process and the status for the same.

Bigg Boss Vote Tamil (Online Voting) Season 2 | Missed Call & Elimination Details

Bigg Boss show is famous across all languages and the Telugu-version is extra special with Nani as host for this season. The bigg boss 2 Telugu started airing on 10th June 2018 with around 16 contestants willing to stay inside the house for 100 days.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

bigg boss telugu voting

After a successful season 1, Nani had the pressure to keep up the hype surrounding season 2 and he has managed that pretty well. The TRP rating of Star Maa channel reveals that every 2nd person in Andra Pradesh & TS watched Bigg Boss Telugu on the launch date and the rating also states that about 60% of total Telugu viewing audience has watched the show in the very first week. It has launched with an amazing 15.1 TVRs point and lot more to come.

Telugu Bigg Boss Show Timings:

The airing of the show will happen around 9:30 pm IST on weekdays and around 9:00 pm IST on the weekends. This reality show will be telecasted in STAR MAA TELEVISION for the next 100 days with the aid of 60 cameras.

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Process:

Each week one person will be eliminated. This week five contestants are nominated for the elimination process. Anyone watching the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 can vote for their favourite and save them getting eliminated. They can either vote online via google or through a missed call.

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(Disclaimer: This is an Unofficial Poll conducted to know the opinion of the general public )

Latest Promo of Telugu Bigg Boss 2:

You can find the Today’s promo of the show which gives a brief idea on what will happen today evening and this is basically done to tease the audience and get them ready to watch the episode.


  1. Amit Tiwari
  2. Bhanu Sree
  3. Nandini
  4. Deepthi Sunaina
  5. Tanish Alladi
  6. Geetha Madhuri
  7. Syamala
  8. Deepti Nallamothu
  9. Babu Gogineni
  10. Roll Rida
  11. Sanjana Anne
  12. Kireeti Damaraju
  13. Tejaswi Madivada
  14. Kaushal
  15. Samrat Reddy
  16. Ganesh
  17. Nutan Naidu

Vote Telugu Bigg Boss Official Method:

bigg boss telugu vote

  1. Enter the URL ” google .com ” in your address bar
  2. Search for the term ” Bigg Boss Telugu Vote “
  3. A Small snippet will appear showing the participants in the danger zone
  4. Choose your favourite and allocate the 50 votes based on your wish
  5. Sign in using a valid Gmail ID in order to successfully submit the votes.
  6. Wait for the results!

Who Will Be Eliminated?

After all these votes are cast. Star Maa will collect the poll results and choose the candidate based on the vote percentage. The contestant with the least vote count gets eliminated, however, the decision of Star Maa authorities are final. So cast the votes for your favourite and let them enjoy their bigg boss journey further.

Comment the contestant who you wish to save and have voted for them. Mention the usability of Bigg boss Telugu voting system. If you have any Questions related to Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Vote process make sure you ask us in the comment section, our team will be glad to assist you.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Important Q&A:

Here are some of the answers to important questions asked by general public regarding Bigg Boss Vote Telugu.

  1. How long will the voting be available for public?
    Till Friday Night
  2. How Many Votes can an individual cast?
    50 votes per day.
  3. Can we vote for multiple contestants?
    Yes, you can but only using the 50 votes already given.
  4. Is Email-ID must to vote?
    Yes a valid Gmail ID is mandatory in order to submit your votes
  5. Bigg Boss Telugu voting?


  1. Theju meeru okkasari previous episodes chudandi andaru mee venakaala maatlaadina vaalle kaushal okkade meeku eduru matladaru samrat mee meeda emi analedu ,andari manasu meeru gelavaledu only samrat ne, kaani marks kaushal ki thakkuva vesaru ,ippatikaina aalochinchi samrat ki kaushal ki veyandi,meeru amaayakanga andarini nammutharu plz aallochinchamma

  2. Kindly I am requesting to Eliminate tejaswani because the way she behave in show of big boss that’s so discasting n too nasty that’s why I saying to eliminate and one more thing that we need to discuss about her how she can talk about some one attitude that she don’t know what they are that’s why I am requesting to eliminate like these kind of people where following from billion people that good for the young stars and specially big boss have to think about children’s

  3. Teju untene show chudaniki interest ga untundi..thana character bad kaadu thanaki cheppe vallu leka ala behave chestundi hanthe ..thanu chala active ga untundi show lo

  4. Nani garu deepsunnaina thanks Ku romance chekundeki high show me dorikindha Valli asalu ala chesthunaro telusa meru chudaleka meru vallani thitandi pls eliminate deepsunnaina

  5. Guys…. though we shared our emotions
    Eliminations are in the hand of maa tv which had been mentioned in criteria.
    Jus see d fun else switch to India tour to England

  6. Koushal is the best person in bigboss 🏠… in my point of view. koushal influencing contestants to eliminate teju? Yes what he spoke up on yesterday episode is 100% correct. When we notice teju from first day she made bad abt koushal….let’s think throwback moment abt kiriti and Bhanu behaviour with Kaushal….

  7. Koushal houselo andarini Vallu ninnu influence chestunaru nuvvu influence avadu ani cheppi mellaga andarini manchivadila natinchi houselo andarini influence chestunadu alage audience ni kuda influence chesi mellaga atu itu andarini tana wipu tipuukunadu ADI artham kavatam ledu ee pichi janalaki emito

  8. plzz pkzz tejaswini ni eliminate cheyyandi boss ….mem chuda leka potunnam over actions …..ipudey ala over chestundi ….ika teju famous celebraty aite ika tattu ko lemu tana over actions…….

    tanu emanna chief ministeraa ..tana maatey crct antadhi ….over actions …..drama gir
    l ……………bigboss chudala antey virakthi bcz of teju .mmmm pkzz el

  9. Don’t eliminate Teju , she’s a good perpormer very talented and fighter
    Ika dressing gurunchi cheppadaniki yemundi tanaku nachina dress tanu vesukuntundi heroine ante glamorous ga untundi kada daanilo tappenti,eppudu chala maarindi Taju, Nani garu meeru chala baaga Show nadipistunnaru, meerante maaku chala Estam.

  10. I support u teju nuvu leka pothe show chudaniki Kuda bagodhu but nuvu house nuchi vasthe Kuda Niku Ami problem ledhu na varaku nenu Niku support chesthanu all the best teju

  11. Tejaswi is a most kanning Person in the house
    We Don’t accept Her performace
    Her behavior ,dressing and language are very dirty
    you can’t fight with kauwshal be cause kauwshal is a singam. singam never fear.

    Any one Single hand Kauwshal

  12. Day ki 1 lak ante ardamavuthondi meeru etla vesthunnaro ,nijayitheega aadithe win avarani meeku thelusu ,correct ga votes veyandi appudu chuddam evaru win avutharo

  13. Ee week lo teju eliminate avvaka pothe deffinetly biggboss reality kadu something is wrong…… human rights ki velta neenu

    • Without Tejaswi Big boss show will be flop show, Tejaswi is the star of the show,If Tejaswi is voted out the reason will be the host of the who is so partial always praising that Geetha God alone who she is,nothing she does,The host whenever he comes he speaks negative vc about Tejaswi,let us see how Tejaswi is voted,if she goes big boss show will be a flop,Last year also only men came to the final,this year also men only will come to final , please support Tejaswi


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