Bigg Boss Telugu Vote – Online Voting – Season 2 | Elimination Details


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote conducted by Star Maa has begun. Everyone is busy voting Bigg Boss Telugu right? If you are confused on how to vote for Bigg Boss Telugu then your search ends here because here you will get all the details regarding Bigg Boss Telugu Voting process and the status for the same.

Bigg Boss Vote Tamil (Online Voting) Season 2 | Missed Call & Elimination Details

Bigg Boss show is famous across all languages and the Telugu-version is extra special with Nani as host for this season. The bigg boss 2 Telugu started airing on 10th June 2018 with around 16 contestants willing to stay inside the house for 100 days.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

bigg boss telugu voting

After a successful season 1, Nani had the pressure to keep up the hype surrounding season 2 and he has managed that pretty well. The TRP rating of Star Maa channel reveals that every 2nd person in Andra Pradesh & TS watched Bigg Boss Telugu on the launch date and the rating also states that about 60% of total Telugu viewing audience has watched the show in the very first week. It has launched with an amazing 15.1 TVRs point and lot more to come.

Telugu Bigg Boss Show Timings:

The airing of the show will happen around 9:30 pm IST on weekdays and around 9:00 pm IST on the weekends. This reality show will be telecasted in STAR MAA TELEVISION for the next 100 days with the aid of 60 cameras.

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Process:

Each week one person will be eliminated. This week five contestants are nominated for the elimination process. Anyone watching the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 can vote for their favourite and save them getting eliminated. They can either vote online via google or through a missed call.

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(Disclaimer: This is an Unofficial Poll conducted to know the opinion of the general public )

Latest Promo of Telugu Bigg Boss 2:

You can find the Today’s promo of the show which gives a brief idea on what will happen today evening and this is basically done to tease the audience and get them ready to watch the episode.


  1. Amit Tiwari
  2. Bhanu Sree
  3. Nandini
  4. Deepthi Sunaina
  5. Tanish Alladi
  6. Geetha Madhuri
  7. Syamala
  8. Deepti Nallamothu
  9. Babu Gogineni
  10. Roll Rida
  11. Sanjana Anne
  12. Kireeti Damaraju
  13. Tejaswi Madivada
  14. Kaushal
  15. Samrat Reddy
  16. Ganesh
  17. Nutan Naidu

Vote Telugu Bigg Boss Official Method:

bigg boss telugu vote

  1. Enter the URL ” google .com ” in your address bar
  2. Search for the term ” Bigg Boss Telugu Vote “
  3. A Small snippet will appear showing the participants in the danger zone
  4. Choose your favourite and allocate the 50 votes based on your wish
  5. Sign in using a valid Gmail ID in order to successfully submit the votes.
  6. Wait for the results!

Who Will Be Eliminated?

After all these votes are cast. Star Maa will collect the poll results and choose the candidate based on the vote percentage. The contestant with the least vote count gets eliminated, however, the decision of Star Maa authorities are final. So cast the votes for your favourite and let them enjoy their bigg boss journey further.

Comment the contestant who you wish to save and have voted for them. Mention the usability of Bigg boss Telugu voting system. If you have any Questions related to Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Vote process make sure you ask us in the comment section, our team will be glad to assist you.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Important Q&A:

Here are some of the answers to important questions asked by general public regarding Bigg Boss Vote Telugu.

  1. How long will the voting be available for public?
    Till Friday Night
  2. How Many Votes can an individual cast?
    50 votes per day.
  3. Can we vote for multiple contestants?
    Yes, you can but only using the 50 votes already given.
  4. Is Email-ID must to vote?
    Yes a valid Gmail ID is mandatory in order to submit your votes
  5. Bigg Boss Telugu voting?


  1. తేజు ని తనీష్ ని ఎలిమినేషన్ చేయండి నిన్న ఒకరోజు తేజు ని చూపించకపోతే షో ఏంత బాగుందో నిజంగా. దయచేసి తేజు ని ఎలిమినేషన్ చేయండి. ఇది ఫ్యామిలి మొత్తం చూడాలి అంటే కొంచెం కష్టంగా ఉంటాది మీరు మాత్రం తేజు తనీష్ లో ఎవరో ఒకరు వెళ్ళిపోతారు.

  2. Nani anna me anchoring superr.please eleminate tejaswi from bigg boss house please…….
    Deepthi akka and kousal anna super….

  3. Nani garu pls deepsunnaina nu thitandi Dani valla menu TV chudaleka pothunnamu Dani dress over action asalu bagaledhu pls Nani garu

  4. nani anna ancaring sure anna. 37 th apisode lo teju kanipinchaka poasariki show antha bagundo teju vuntene godavalu pless aliment cheyndi

  5. Teju ne eliminate cheste bigg boss evaru chudaru…she is straight forward
    Adi andariki nachadu kada nani garu andke matladtunaru ala..

  6. Nani anna deepthi sunina over action dressing style antha wroste anna ……mari ammailu lopala antha chupinchyala correct kadhu nd eroju echina task lo nandhini dani moham herione …cheee wrost ….only koushal bro the winner pakka

  7. Nani garu deepthisunnaina nu meru e week thitali thanish deepsunnaina chestalu chdaleka pothunnamu e show family pillalu chustharu vallu ala chesthe ala cheppandi

  8. Pls save Teju. She has no scope to learn things in a family. Hope many of you seen the episode of her. She is learning the things by herself. She is bold, frank and genuine. Deepti N is playing very safe play. Teju is being herself she doesn’t have any hypotratic nature. Pls save her. Vote her.

    • Y people are cornering her.She just kept her inner feeling out without hesitation.people support for the one who LL get sympathy.i really support teju for her behavior nothing wrong in that.ya I agree..

  9. Please eliminate teju,deepthi suniana,samrat,tanush.
    Because of their over action we are not interested to watch big boss.

  10. Plz eliminate tejaswini.miru teju ni Endhuku unchu thunnaru thanu unte evvaru Inka bigboss chudaru promise… thanu eliminate iethene bigboss chustharu.. Inthamandhi reject chesina thanu ela untundhi asalu?

  11. No ethics following by few contestants. Bigg Boss 1 Contestants were better except Archana. But this time many members are playing very idiotically What is concept of Bigg Boss show? Is it only for TRP rating or to filter the best one who is need for society?
    Among all of them, Nuthan Naidu is best one even-though he was eliminated. But Bigg Boss organizers do not need good people, they need only the contestants who acts very vulgarly.

  12. Correct ee week tejaswi and samrat avaro okaru eliminate avakapoyna it is not reality show biggboss kavalne vallaki ela cheyisthundachu something wrong

  13. eliminate deepti. she thinks it’s tv9 channel. baby it’s BIGG BOSS.. Teju is also not fit but the entertainment and the good atmosphere of the house would go.

  14. Don’t comment on teju.amma nanna untene ikkada worst ga tayaravutunnam manam.tanaki scope ivvandi nerchukovaniki.
    Frank ga unte nachadu ga mana telugu vallaki.

  15. Nani Anna pls meeru koncham Deepti Sunaina ki class tisukondi…. aa show ki oka abbai tho undadanki vachindha tanu ento maku chupinchadanki vachindha???

  16. Deepthi Nallamothu, Ganesh,Geetha,Amit…they are super players…….Shyamala also very good….but unlucky…miss you

  17. nani garu plz save teju, thanu lekhapothe bos gboss evaru chudaru and ratings kuda padipothay samrat is looking handsome.. both pair so cuteee…

  18. Deepthi Nallamothu, Ganesh, Geetha,Roll,Amit,….. they are v good house mate’s…… Shyamala also super….but we miss her…. love you all these 6house mate’s

  19. A guys plz remove teju shi is unfit in the bigboss house and shi is not like some persons and also shi very cruelty person big boss in this week eliminate teju plz u well not eliminate the tv is trying to trp rate and this is fack and also people will not see because people will think shi is matchfixed and people also not see the game this is true

  20. I am sure in this week Tejaswi will definitely eliminate. Still she is cornering Kaushal. She will not fit for Big boss. already she got so many chances.So It’s time to leave Big Boss house Teju …Bye Bye


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