Blue Whale game, challenge list revealed


The mastermind of Blue Whale Challenge Game – the 17-year-old Russian girl arrested by Russian police on Thursday. Now the list of challenges in blue whale game are revealed killer game Blue Whale.

List of Blue Whale Challenges


• The player is asked to write a phrase ‘yes’ on his own hand or arm to enter the game.
• The player has to get up at 4:20 a.m. to watch a horror video that sent to him.
• He has to make lengthwise cuts on his own arm or legs.
• He is asked to draw a whale on a piece of paper.
• He must cut himself multiple times.
• The player gets a secret task which is written in code.
• He is asked to scratch a message on his own arm.
• He has to write a status online claiming he is a whale.
• He is told to get rid of the fear.
• Wake up at 4:20 and go to the roof or burial ground.
• He has to carve whale on his own hand.
• He is asked to watch scary videos all day.
• Listen to the of music the “curator” sends.
• He is asked to cut his lip.
• He has to poke his own arm/hand with a needle.
• He has to make himself hurt or sick.
• He is told to go to the roof and stand on the edge and see the ground from the top.
• Now, the nefarious “curator” makes sure if the participant is faithful.
• Talk with another “whale” on Skype.
• The player has to sit on a roof with legs dangling over the edge.
• A secret mission to him in code.
• Meet with a “whale.”
• The curator assigns a date on which the player has to kill himself.
• Visit a railroad.
• Avoid talking with anyone all day.
• Take an oath about being a whale.
• Other tasks till 48 are like wake up at 4:20, watch videos, listen to music. You are asked to make one cut on your hand every day while talking to a whale.
• Select the way and place to commit sucide.
• On the last day, jump from a building or go under a train or hang himself.


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