Boologam ( Booloham ) Review | Jayam Ravi


Production: Venu Ravichandran
Cast: Ganja Karuppu, Jayam Ravi, Nathan Jones, Ponvannan, Prakash Raj, Trisha Krishnan
Direction: N.Kalyanakrishnan
Screenplay: N.Kalyanakrishnan
Story: N.Kalyanakrishnan
Music: Srikanth Deva
Background score: Srikanth Deva

This film narrates the tale of a boxer, Bhooloham played by Jayam Ravi hailing from the north Madras region and the atrocities of a private media group that looks at everything with the monetary lens.


The casting idea is flawless, from Prakash Raj, Ponvannan, Shanmugarajan to Nathan Jones, every artist fits appropriately into the proposed character sketch. The dialogues in the second half remind us of the Peranmai, Nimirndhu Nil and Thani Oruvan Jayam Ravi in a good way. The basic skeleton of the story is also impressive. These are the reasons why one can confidently declare the efficiency of the director’s table in the pre-production process of this film.


With all the elements of making a blockbuster, somehow in the process of narration, things go awry and the director loses control through the second half with too many predictable and repetitive sequences. The first half with Jayam Ravi’s rugged North Madras style depiction takes the front seat, however the screenplay gets a lot of disturbances in the second half with Bhooloham-George(Nathan Jones) rivalry. Music is probably one of the biggest letdowns with Srikanth Deva offering nothing out of the ordinary neither in the training sequences nor during the fights.

The climax fight has been choreographed rather well, yet again the narration leading upto it and very ordinary music does not give the much required adrenaline rush that a sporting sequence needs. One other biggest pluses from the movie is the casting department; after some good performances from Jayam Ravi, Trisha and Prakash Raj, Arpit ( who played Duruyodhana in Mahabarata serial), Nathan Jones and Ponvannan too do justice to their characters.


Verdict : A Commercial Knock Out
Rating : 2.75/5


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