Facebook screwed you Again – Changing DP means you Just Voted against Net Neutrality


Facebook-NetNeutrality-TrapAmidst all these Modi’s International tours, Indians were busy trolling about him while they forgot the main deal. What does Digital India mean? It’s just another well-known guy behind the Mask – Internet.Org. Internet.Org was not successful since people were not happy with their Net Neutrality being affected.

But Now they put a mask on the same Idea and marketed it in a different Manner. Just think for a minute, do you think these tech giants care about people in the villages? Let me tell you one thing, the only guys they care about are the City and Town Population which are their main leads. They are using this mask called Digital India to break Net Neutrality and then you guys know what will happen. The Tech Giants will take control of the whole thing which is now called the Internet.


So how does the DP thing affect this? As Hacker News Reported, Viewing the Page Source Code of http://fb.com/supportdigitalindia, you can see the Internet.Org declaration in it. So, It simply means that If you changed the DP for Digital India then you already signed to break Net neutrality in India and you are not gonna be happy about it when it comes to effect. Mark Zuckerberg changed his DP to support Digital India and it made many of us to change. But those of you who didn’t change your DP for any of your own reasons, Cheers you have supported Net Neutrality.


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