What would have happened if Pakistan remained in India

If Jinnah didn’t ask for a separate country, current Pakistan, Bangladesh and India would have been One country. Even if we go 70 years back, Pakistan and Bangladesh were still considered as the part of India.

No fight for Kashmir

  • If there was no Pakistan, there will be no fight for Kashmir and it would have remained as a beautiful and importantly peaceful place.

No Sri Lankan Civil war and Palestine – Israel war

  • The Ideology of asking a separate country started after Jinnah’s success of getting Pakistan from India. If this partition did not happen most of the wars for an example civil war in Sri Lanka for a separate state wouldn’t have happened. Even Palestine and Israel is another example for this.

No Terrorist Attacks and War

  • There have  been lots of minor and major wars between India and Pakistan since their partition back in 1947. Even Terrorist attacked were also implemented in India. If both the countries were same, the people of the country could have lived peacefully.

Famous Cricket Tournament Asia Cup would have been played between United India and Sri Lanka

Super Economy Country

  • After Independence India looks a bit ahead of Pakistan in resources and in economy. if these countries remained united the cost for border security would have reduced and United India would have transformed as a Super Economy Country.

Most Populated Country

  • If Pakistan remained in India United India (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) would have been the most populated country surpassing China.



There will be no Bangladesh

  • When Pakistan got partitioned, Pakistan actually was two countries East Pakistan and West Pakistan (current Pakistan) , people of East Pakistan rebelled against west Pakistan and they asked for a separate country and then Bangladesh was born. If Pakistan did not get partition, Bangladesh would have remained as India.

India would have won more than 4 Cricket World Cup

  • India has two cricket world cups and Pakistan one. If India was not divided, just think about the cricket team of United India?, with Indian batsmen and Pakistani Bowlers they would have won more world cups.

India would have transformed to a World Super Power nation

  • India and Pakistan both have nuclear power if these countries remained as one country, countries like China, USA and even Russia would have feared India and India would have been the strongest nation with huge population and different geographical advantages.

India would have hosted FIFA world cup and Olympics

  • If all things mentioned in previous pages happened positively, India would have surely hosted FIFA world cup and Olympics.



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