Nowadays one word is trending all over the social media in Tamil Nadu and the other parts of India. That word is “Jallikattu”. What is this Jallikattu ?



Jallikattu is an event of controlling bull which is held in southern part of India,Tamil Nadu as a celebration on Maatu Pongal Day(this is the festival day which honour’s the cows and bulls) the next day of Pongal Festival day. Jallikattu has been known to be practiced during the Tamil classical period era which was in 450BC-100 BC. Bulls are bred specifically by people of the village for the event and attended mainly village temple bulls which is known as “kovil kaalai”. This event is mainly held to show the braveness of the Tamils who will control the relevant bulls which participates in the event. After the event, bulls which lost the event will be used for domestic activities and agriculture, meanwhile the bulls which won which is meant as untamed and strong will be used for breeding the cows. Thus wild nature of the bulls are inherited to its next generation. This event is held and played by Tamil people for the past 2500 years. One more important thing to add these people respect and take care these bulls and do not harm them.




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