Bigg Boss This Week Eliminated Contestant Revealed!


Bigg boss Audience are Eager to know the eliminated Contestant of this week
Yashika, Nithya, Balaji & Poonambalam took place in the eliminated list.

As per the official sources, Nithya seems to have less votes and she is been eliminated


Bigg Boss This Week Eliminated Contestant Revealed! 1


Let’s wait and watch today’s full episode fora clear sketch

Bigg Boss | 15th July 2018 - Promo 1


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8 thoughts on “Bigg Boss This Week Eliminated Contestant Revealed!”

  1. This week eliaamate in yasika only makal vote. Bt night boss changed in nithya y epdiyea pandrathau ku prgm Ethuku Jamal sir nega ungal oruvan soiltea Megala Ea epdiyea makal chitten Pandra Anga iruga fans kuda forward Yarulam trueku mudila waste

    • Why Kamal sir not warning yashika mahath behaviour. Unable to see. This is our Tamil show we have culture. Vijay TV is just talking about culture but to increase their TRP they r doing this. Not happy about this week elimination.

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