Kuttram Kadithal Movie Review


Kuttram Kadithal Movie ReviewProduction: Christy Siluvappan, J.Sathish Kumar
Cast: Master Ajay, Pavel Navageethan, Radhika Prasidhha, Sai Rajkumar
Direction: Bramma.G
Screenplay: Bramma.G
Story: Bramma.G
Music: Shankar Rengarajan
Background score: Shankar Rengarajan

Kuttram Kadithal Movie Review:


This Film won the National Award for Best Tamil Film and many great response from International Film Festivals .’Kuttram Kadithal’ a film from almost entirely newcomers is making it to the screens.


A matriculation teacher Merlin (Radhika Prasiddha) on her first day in school after marriage to her lover Manikandan (Sai Rajkumar) slaps a fifth grade student Chezhiyan (Master Ajay), enraged by his answer to her inquiry about a mischief he had committed. Hell breaks loose as the boy falls unconscious and blood oozes out from his nose.What happens to the child, the teacher and the well-wishers of both the sides forms the rest of the film.

Actress Radhika Prasiddha is the heart and soul of this movie. Her performance is only a proof which deserved National Award. Radhika showcased superb emotions.


The little boy Ajay has performed well to the best of his abilities. Pavel Navageethan’s performance as a violent communist was nice and the rest of the cast including Kulothungan (principal), Durga (Principal’s wife) and Sai Rajkumar delivered the best performance.

Plus Points:

  • Music and background score is nice.
  • Director Bramma’s screenplay is the major plus of this movie
  • The small twist, which comes during the interval, is interesting

Minus Points:
The pace of this movie is a bit slow. Some of the emotions that are showcased in this film do not have much depth.

Verdict : Makes Tamil cinema Proud ! A Must Watch !!
Rating : 4/5


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