Mahat ask Yaashika to Kiss – Mumtaj gets Angry


Bigg Biss 2 Tamil promote, the recently released promo of Bigg Boss, it seems that Mahath and Mumtaj have parted apart. He fights with Mumtaj for Yaashika.

Mahat and Yaashikacasuala talk makes Mumtaj very angry and she fight with Mahat.She has also requested to leave the show. Watch today’s promo below


Bigg Boss | 3rd July 2018 - Promo 1


So it is clear that this Bigg Boss is full of fights this season and no interesting moments for the audience. It feels irritated at times. Each and every member is seen fighting with one or the other. Comment your views about this.


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3 thoughts on “Mahat ask Yaashika to Kiss – Mumtaj gets Angry”

  1. Its true. No any interesting for watching season 2 …very fed up every time fighting. Few people Never understand with housemate and sharing caring. Mumtaz nvr asking wrong wit mahat this is game and bigg boss house why cannot control ur self( y mahat asking like thats wit yash.) Bcoz every housemate AROUND there and nvr respect them. Nowdays mahat over rude and easily angry better nominated mahat from the house.


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