Mahat Tease Daniel

In Today’s Bigg Boss 2 Tamil promo. It seems that Bigg Boss assigned a new task to housemates in which Mahat explain about humanity.

The Mahat talk bad about Daniel’s Behaviour in the Bigg Boss House For the full update watch the full episode. Watch the promo below.


Tamizh Padam 2 – Thala & Thalapthy Movie Troll Official Scenes

Balaji accuse Daniel’s Behaviour


1 thought on “Mahat Tease Daniel”

  1. Definitely Sendrayan is not fake.
    Sendrayan, Ponnambalam and Balaji are behaving real.
    Mumtaj totally over acting.
    Openly hurting Senrayan for cleanliness.
    Kamal sir should definitely question this.
    Mumjai thinks she is a queen and all should obey her.


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