The Man Who Tortured Dinesh Karthik

The Man Who Tortured Dinesh Karthik

Dinesh Karthik hit a last-ball six in his blazing cameo to help India edge out Bangladesh by four wickets and clinch the Twenty20 tri-series Karthik hit 29 off just eight balls to get India past their 167-run target in a tense chase of a dramatic final at the R. Premadasa Stadium.

Behind this success, there is a person called Abhishek Nayar, the Mumbai based trainer. He trained Dinesh Karthik for 3 straight years to make this happen. The house that Abhishek Nayar would make Dinesh Karthik stay in was designed to knock Dinesh Karthik out of his comfort zone.

The House was so small one could hardly say where it began from where it ended. It was a torture room for Karthik. He stays in a bungalow back home in Chennai. But when he came to Nayar, He wanted to take him to a zone where he’d never been before. It was tough and he would get angry on occasions. One time he begged to let him go spend a night at a hotel

It was a phase generally self-confident Karthik had begun doubting himself, in terms of his international cricket future anyway. It was a moment Karthik felt that if he fails this time then no team will show him interest again.

Nayar and Karthik had known each other a long time. But their mentor-pupil relationship began in 2016. Apoorv Desai, a local coach in Mumbai planned out a daily schedule for Karthik. Amit Pagnis, the former Mumbai opener, was also requested to provide a session on playing the slog-sweep. Nayar also hired an additional expert to scrutinize and improve Karthik’s initial feet movement.

In the afternoons Dinesh Karthik used to train twice. He used to gym, then do batting, sometimes even meditation. Then he works on batting visualization techniques, which he still follows in international cricket.

Karthik wanted Nayar to replicate the same fitness program he’d had in place for Sharma four years ago. But it wasn’t to be. Nayar had a different plan in mind, especially to deal with Karthik’s innate restlessness. Finally, the results of this hardship are visible to all



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