Mumtaj and Mamathi behave Rude with Others


Bigg Boss Tamil 2 – In today’s promo video, Mumtaj and Mamathi refuse to perform the luxury budget task. let’s wait and watch today’s full show for a clear sketch. Watch the official Promo below.

Bigg Boss | 26th June 2018 - Promo 3


Mumtaj and Mamathi fight with other contestants and refuse to perform the luxury budget task because they are unhappy with Bigg Boss orders.


These celebrities living in an isolated house cut off from the rest of the world. They are put with challenging tasks to avoid elimination and win the grand prize.


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  1. Mumtaj and mamathi is very over acting…. two member also came to big boss to play the game but 2 member also nt playing in bigg boss…..


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