I am not a copycat – Anirudh Shocking Reply


Watch video song below. Anirudh Ravichander’s latest single Kalyaana Vayasu from Nayanthara’s upcoming Tamil thriller Kolamavu Kokila is a smash hit. The song has got 5 million views in no time. Yogi Babu’s performance in the song makes the audience happy.

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But music lovers have taken to social media to point out how this song is a rip-off of Chibz Feeling Me. When one listens to both songs it is quite surprising and disappointing to know that Kalyaana Vayasu is similar to Chibz Feeling Me in terms of tune and the orchestration.

Now Anirudh has made a comment about this, so it is clear that the music is not copycatted it is a licenced music from the composer. Watch both video songs below.

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