Ponnambalam misbehave and abuse Vaishnavi


Bigg Boss Tamil 2 – In today’s promo video, Vaishnavi fight with Ponnambalam for his abusive language and behaviour.

In that argument, everyone started fighting with Ponnambalam also Sendrayan argue with Balaji. Watch the official Promo below. Comment your views about this.


Yaashika started hating Mahat

Ponnambalam angry behaviour with Housemates


10 thoughts on “Ponnambalam misbehave and abuse Vaishnavi”

  1. Yaashika and Aishwarya they are so foolish girls they don’t to talk and once kid always kid . Mahat he so stupid he dose know how to be-gave with girls lot’s people an kids watch this program . they need to be an a example not like a some bunch of fagot. some time we learn from media

  2. Aishwarya yasika intha girls thappunna ponampalamum thappu inum sola pona avangala vida cheap behaviour ah ponnampalam than

  3. Yaashika and Aishwarya , Mahad are being over in big boss house.. Kamal Sir Please take action on mahad. He don’t even know how to respect elderly people at home… Irritated to see his behavior .


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