Racer Ashwin’s Death – A Planned Murder?


Racer Ashwin’s Death – A Planned Murder?





look’s like Ashwin Sundar Death a planned murder the above video explains clearly with some proof plz do check and share with your friends


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9 thoughts on “Racer Ashwin’s Death – A Planned Murder?”

  1. I agree with you,but Another thing what means,bcz of the accident they went to unconscious state,so only they can’t able to escape

  2. **from the video 0:45**
    Even though he (Ashwin) is a great racer, even a racer can make mistakes while driving on the tracks/roads. You mention a racer will know everything about the car details and specification. No! He may not be. He is a racer, He mainly focuses only on driving.
    At this point, I want to remind you about Roger Rodas (Paul Walker's friend who drove Porsche Carrera GT and died along with him) was also a car racer. The accident happened because of the over speeding between 130-150kmph where the speed zone is just 45kmph. Ashwin's accident was similar to this like hitting on the tree and car caught fire.
    **from the video 1:00-1:40***:n
    The cost of the Carrera GT car is Rs.2.2Cr (Showroom price). Just by comparing the price, Simply you can't tell that in a costly car there won't be any fire accident.
    ***from the video 2:22
    Opening the hard top of the vehicle is the best way to escape from the fire accident.Yes.! But the car was crashed before and electronic systems may be got damaged. In that case how they can open it. And there is a chance that because of the crash they would have lost their consciousness. In the mean time, the car may be started to fire.

    • @gowthaman i accept to some extent and what about the firestation? why it was late by 3hours?

      i accept it o some extent @gowthaman but what abt fire station why they was late by 3 hours??

  3. One theory i would like to bring to notice …..the way we saw the car burnt doesn’t look normal petrol or diesel. …may be he could’ve installed N2O..nitrous oxide like gas for speeding. …..chances of getting flammable and burst in to flames looks like …(fast furious movie )


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