Real Reason Behind the Swathi Murder


Real Reason Behind the Swathi Murder

Swathi Murder – Real Reason Exposed

Yashwanth Kishore is Famous Social Media Analyst and Professional Speaker

Just throwing light on the murderers, the passive spectators and the law behind self-defence. To curb murders we should curb our silence.

Not long after being pulled up by the Madras High Court, the State government moved the examination concerning the homicide of Infosys representative S. Swathi to the city police from the Government Railway Police.

A unique group, drove by the Nungambakkam Assistant Commissioner of Police, has been shaped to test the case.

On Monday, shocked over a charged articulation made by the Commissioner of Police, Chennai, distributed in an English news day by day that however railroad stations were out of the ward of the city police, he had offered assistance to the rail route police in examining the homicide at the Nungambakkam station, a Division Bench of Justices S. Nagamuthu and V. Bharadhidasan suo motu summoned the general population prosecutor and looked for an illumination.

The Bench needed the prosecutor to clear up whether there was any absence of coordination between the city police and the railroad police. The judges noticed that since there was little advancement in the examination of the case, they were constrained to look for illumination.

Later, amid the post-lunch session, open prosecutor S. Shanmugavelayutham educated the court that the examination had been exchanged to an exceptional group of city police headed by Assistant Commissioner of Police K.P.S. Devaraj. He would be helped by the digital wrongdoing division and the CB-CID. The court said it would keep on monitoring the test for a few more days.


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  1. I think first of all Mr. Yashwanth. .to sit in a tea stall and talk and talk online is not much difference. . Pesradhu any person can do..I mean just and only talking. .. its right of freedom as per Indian constitutional law. . Please try t be an example and try to give scenario and. ..ivvalo budhi saali and dhayriyam irundha why didn’t you join airforce. .? Army …everyone can talk it’s easy. .. to do and to achieve first rule is …. talk less… talking is easy. . Can you post one cause you fought physically heere. ? Oh passive. .? What are you doing In this forum then. ? … you want active issue. .?Every indian will tell you. ..why don’t you come down and fight active. … ..

  2. All your explanations are good. But only one thing is not acceptable. That is, to analyze the killer as a psychologically disordered personality and to excuse him off the crime of killing. Killer is always a killer to be killed by hanging/beheading/shooting etc., Just no excuse for a crime of this sort.

  3. Excellent analysis and nice guidance. i would like to add what happened in the case of Bank robbery by robbers from Bihar. After the incident that took place in killing those robbers, the repeat of Bank robbers has come down, especially from youth from a particular state. Because, they know that TN police will not spare them. Similarly, if the public team together and even kill the killer, another person trying to do the same will think many times and will not act in a fit of rage. There is nothing wrong in killing such persons on the spot, instead of all across the world waiting to see who is the culprit and wasting all our time. Even now, if he is caught, he should only be killed on some pretext and not allowed to go through the process of law.

    • (Un)fortunately India follows rule of law like many other civilized society. Nobody can be deprived of his life or liberty without following due process of law. What u preach cannot be followed-else will lead to jungle raj.
      Every maleficence cannot be prevented by State. Citizens must bear some responsibility – which we all do not. For instance sitting on reserved seats, foot board travelling, encroaching public space, littering roads etc. Further the legal system and its implementation, lack of police reforms, inadequate and over burdened judicial system, inordinate delay, politicization of everything, lack of education, morality and ethics all these things culminate in criminals getting bold and citizen non interfering. In democracy u get the govt u deserve. I will take a long time and sacrifices of many Swati, Aruna, etc. before true democracy is established.

  4. The problem is TAMIL MOVIES. today in society, Numerous guys follow girls like crazy and torture them. First guys should stop torturing them. It does not work like movies all the time. Movies work only 1% of the time…I put the blame solely on the tamil cinemas…this has nothing to do with caste or religion…to all tamil guys especially in chennai, stop following girls like crazy..stop following a girl after 6pm..if she says NO, back offf…unga sondha akka thangachiya indha maari otha follow panna othupeengala da muttalugala.

  5. Nothing will yeild results as long as we bring forth an effective law to combat such heinous crime. In his talk he deals about common mindset of a human being when bitten by a mosquito or wild ant. No psychological lab will train us to uphold soft approach towards biting ant or mosquito. It is an easy go for someone to flourish at the time of distress and invent some fancy ideas and will disappear. Only effective law will do its job.

  6. have you ever before in action in any of these kind of situations…. ????? poda ngaaaa… modhalla nee road la kedakkura oru kuppaya clean pannu appuram vandhu pesu…. vandhuttaru society ah clean panna…

    naan onnum intha kodura seyala support pannala… anaa edhu ku munnadi Tamil Nadu la vera yaarum van kodumaikku alagalaya???

    vaai kizhiya evan venumnaalum pesalaam…

    idha padi mudhalla:

  7. Once I experienced a similar issue in front of me, a guy was arguing with a girl and I interfered and asked the girl if any problem? She said, just mind your own business. So what to do in that scenario, in dealing with the attitude girls whom they think they can even beat John Cena. Not every guy who comes to rescue is not coming to put scene, a few cares too. Girls must change their attitude first.

  8. 2 best thing yu said here.. 1.Education.. Absolutely we dont need hell lot of m series papers or any other bullshit.. Moral science is most needed.. But nobody gives a shit about that.. Also environmental science (not related to this issue but something related to society) which no one cares.. These periods are taken by science n maths teachers to cover their portions.. Even in engineering level it is the same. 2. Middle class-Evlo kevalamana piravi la…

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