Samsung Design for 2018 fold-able Galaxy X


Samsung after releasing the flagship Galaxy 8 and 8+ with the bezel-less design which mostly attracted the youth all over the world.Which has become the worlds most sold unit 2017 and becomes the top smartphone by techies all over.Hence Samsung has the pressure to withhold the place of the top by replacing Apple.Hence Samsung is ready for next flagship phone “The foldable Galaxy X” this galaxy 10 device will be the most bezel-less foldable device with pretty cool features for upcoming AI world.

Samsung Design for 2018 fold-able Galaxy X 1

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Its been rumoured that this foldable device comes with Best in class camera with a very low aperture for night shots.Memory will be maximum of 8 gigs, stunning Qualcomm chip etc.This flagship gonna hit markets in mid of next year which will be the most sold units next year.Whatever may be the market next year but as far now Samsung is the top seller smartphones 2017 with Galaxy 8 the most sold unit.So smartphone lovers burry your bucks till mid next year.

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