Sathya Movie Review

Sathya Movie Review

Sathya Movie Review 3

Sathya movie casting Sibi Sathyaraj in a lead role gets the most positive reviews this weekend.The movie is directed by Pradeep Krishnamoorthy saithan fame reveals real emotions and gives back to the suspense thriller.Trending season of seat edge experience to the audience, hence this movie justifies the audience with a clear thrilling experience.

Sibiraj acting makes the movie and emotions delivered clearly. Ramya nambeesan does her job well. Yogi babu scores in every minute he appears on the screen, even 5 min role makes the good piece of comedy and relaxation to the fast screenplay.Varalakshmi delivers her emotions clearly.

Sathis in a new way playing emotions which are looking good.Every character in the movie has the reason and justifies their role.Emotions are carried over correctly it reaches the audience.Music and BGM enhance the visuals. Anandraj played his role better justifies by acting.Cinematography can be little higher, some scenes cinematography does not make a thriller. Screenplay changes to the Tamil audience are good.Simon.K music evolves the experience.Overall the movie gives new flavour form its remake film Kshanam. 

Verdict: Sathya is definitely watchable!
Rating: 2.75/5


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