Sendrayan sensational fight with Mumtaj for Money


In Today’s Bigg Boss 2 Tamil promo 3. It seems that the Mumtaj and Sendrayan split into two team fight together for money, which makes everyone sad.

Each team talk bad about other team and other members. Vaishnavi tries to create the new problem in the Bigg Boss House. For the full update. Watch the promo below.


Bigg Boss | 12th July 2018 - Promo 3


Unlike the first season, the second season of Bigg Boss Tamil is full of competition, and revenge. Fan feel this season is not as good as the first season.

Everyone is fighting with other contestants and the is no unity among housemates. Let’s wait and watch the full episode of the show to get a clear picture.


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3 thoughts on “Sendrayan sensational fight with Mumtaj for Money”

  1. What nithiya said is true Mumtaj is a drama queen
    I just dont understand why ppl are supporting this idiot. Just act like a boss

  2. See mumtaj cheap character. She use money to buy her things back from the thief but when sendrayan ask money she refuse to give. Real selfish idiot


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