Simbu will apologize for Beep song, if other Actors apologize



The recent buzz is the BEEP SONG from STR and Anirudh. This song was found circulating in WhatsApp and found to be leaked.


This song is a soup song with censored words and literally damaging Women.


The song began to spread virally via Whatsapp and other Social Services!

The BEEP song starts with ” Enna ***** Love pannurom ”
Many STR fans have opposed this song as it damages women feelings.


Soup songs become instant hit because of the craze towards them.

Anirudh’s first soup song ” Why this Kolaveri Di ” was a massive hit and now this song is hit among the youngsters.


While Social Activists and Women Organizations oppose the Song, STR’s this one gets good support from the Youth in Social Media.

STR’s reply regarding the issue was that the song was meant to be between friends only and one of his friends leaked it via WhatsApp and that got viral due to repeated posting to multiple WhatsApp Groups.


Anirudh refused that he was one of the singers and he composed the music of the song on Twitter from Canada.

His hearing on Court is on Dec 18 and his latest tweet regarding the issue is below


Since the Song was not officially released, No one has the right to question him. So he may win the case.

People were staying quiet while Hara Hara Mahadevki Audio got viral and this song is nothing compared to vulgarity of those Audios.


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