Snehan Loose The Task And Blame Ganesh And Suja


Bigg Boss (14/09/2017)  Promo Video #1. In Today,s Bigg Boss promo video. Snehan and Bindhu Madhavi talks about Snehan’s fail in car task. In that conversation Snehan Blames Gandesh and Suja are the reason for his failure. Suja and Ganesh sitting sadly in the house. Snehan also said to Bindhu that he leave the Bigg Boss house soon. let’s wait and watch today’s reality show so that we may get a clear vision. check the Video promo down below.

Bigg Boss (14/09/2017)  Promo Video 1




Snehan and Suja Trying Die Hard To Complete The Task

Director Shankar took to Twitter showing his concern for Anitha


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