Snehan and Suja Trying Die Hard To Complete The Task


Bigg Boss (13/09/2017) Today’s Promo Video #2. In Today,s Bigg Boss Video. The Car task continous from past 24 Hours. Suja and Snehan are only remain in the task. Both of them trying their best to successfully complete the task. other contestants discussing in the dining table about Suja and Snehan health in the task to complete successfully. Don’t Know who is going to win the task. let’s wait and watch today’s reality show so that we may get a clear vision. check the Video promo down below.

Bigg Boss (13/09/2017) Today’s Promo Video #2



Car Task: Ganesh Fight With Snehan and Support Suja

Snehan Loose The Task And Blame Ganesh And Suja


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