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Power Pandi Review (aka) Pa Pandi Review

Power Pandi ReviewPower Pandi the directional debut of Dhanush has finally released. With Rajkiran as lead and Dhanush in an Extended cameo. Madonna has also done a small role. Actress Revathi stars against Rajkiran. The cast also includes Prassana and Chaya Singh. Here is the review of Power Pandi . Power Pandi is all about the life of a retired Stunt master who wants...

Power Paandi – A Romance in the Village | Trailer 2 | Dhanush

Power Pandi Trailer 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-vOgecWA3Y&feature=youtu.bePresenting "A Romance in the Village" Trailer of "Power Paandi" ; Directed by Dhanush starring Rajkiran in lead. Music Composed by Sean Roldan. Movie Releasing on April 14th