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Live Video : Stalin Protest at Marina

Tamil Nadu Live News https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47oy2A47Jjs    

Vijay in Marina Protest and Avoided Nadigar Sangam Protest

The protest for lifting the ban on Jallikattu is not getting stopped at the moment. Youngsters of Tamil Nadu are doing these protest on their own silently and peacefully. The protesters asked actors or politicians to not to protest with them as they felt It may change the cause of the project. The Protest have been going on for the...

Why always Tamil Nadu?

Another headache for Tamil Nadu people. Since 2015 there have been so many bad news for the people of Tamil Nadu. A flood did so many damage for the capital of Tamil Nadu "Chennai" in the end of 2015. Chief Minister Jayalalitha was hospitalized and died and this news got so many controversial stories. When demonetization act was brought by Prime Minister...

Bairavaa Storm at Box Office

Ilayathalapathy Vijay's Bairavaa released on 12th of January and got mixed reviews among the audience and some appreciation for the story of the movie. Bairavaa has collected about 17 crores in Tamil Nadu box office on day one as Overseas box office reports are not yet finalized.   

Sasikala warns Tamil Nadu CM

Sasikala is the General Secretary of AIADMK. OPS aka O.Panneer Selvam is also from the same party and currently he has been chosen as the CM by the party members after former CM Jayalalitha's death.  Now Sasikala's party says CM OPS doesn't discuss with current General Secretary Sasikala when taking any major action or decisions. They are upset over this...

Sathyaraj Attacks PETA

We know PETA is against Jallikattu saying we are hurting the bulls in the name of cultural event. Meanwhile Actor Sathyaraj gives a slapping reply to PETA's statement stating, you all are concerned only on Animal abuse while our farmers in Tamil Nadu are committing suicide in numbers due to lack of water and drought.  Sathyaraj is an actor who speaks directly and he is not...