Vijay in Marina Protest and Avoided Nadigar Sangam Protest

The protest for lifting the ban on Jallikattu is not getting stopped at the moment. Youngsters of Tamil Nadu are doing these protest on their own silently and peacefully. The protesters asked actors or politicians to not to protest with them as they felt It may change the cause of the project.


The Protest have been going on for the past 5 days in Marina beach. Some celebrities like Surya, Sivakarthikeyan, Lawrence have attended the Protest for the first few days. At the same time Nadigar Sangam has conducted a Protest for the same cause but in a different way, the tent was put and the air conditioners have been put for the actors while others in Marina and other parts in Tamil Nadu protesting without food, tents and even water. All leading actors attended the Nadigar Sangam protest except Ilayathalapthy Vijay.

Everyone thought Vijay will attend the protest for the Nadigar Sangam but Vijay had other Ideas, he instead went to protest with the youngerster in Marina by covering his face with handkerchief. He went to protest to Marina at 2 am and left at morning 5.30 am. He sat with other fellow followers for almost 2 hours. Here are some pictures of Vijay in Marina:


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