Tamil Nadu Election Results Live Updates 2019


Election Results Tamil Nadu Live: The Big day is here, the counting for Lok Sabha Election Result 2019 Tamil Nadu has begun and here are the live updates regarding the same. DMK and AIDMK are two major Parties in Tamil Nadu, for this Lok Sabha election 2019 BJP has an alliance with AIDMK and Congress has an alliance with DMK. This Election results from Tamil Nadu may cause some effect in the center forming the Governance as there are 39 Constituencies in Tamil Nadu. Here is the live Update of Election Results 2019.

Tamil Nadu Election Result live:

tamil nadu election results live
tamil nadu live election results

Stay Tuned to TamilGlitz for live updates regarding the Election Results. While we wait fervently for the announcement of the election result like a student waiting for the exam results, let me explain the vote counting process and the arrangements in a nutshell:

  1. Vote counting starts at 8 am in the morning at all the centers.
  2. A total of 15,904 workers have been trained for vote counting.
  3. 45 centers are placed for the counting process in Tamil Nadu.
  4. Each center consists of 14 tables with each table containing 3 people for counting.
  5. If a voting machine fails, it would be brought to the knowledge of the ElC.

Election Result Live:

Here are the results so far, DMK takes a clear lead ahead of AIADMK. To be noted DMK alliance has Congress and AIADMK alliance has BJP. Keep Refreshing the Page every 15 minutes for Live Count.

No Party Name In Leading / Won
1 DMK+ 37
3 Others 0

Election result live Tamil Nadu:

The PM Modi’s alliance are quite confident of a poll win and have made promises to boost the economy of the country. With the votes to be counted today, the situation is heating up with all sorts of improbable information from unreliable sources. The National Democratic Alliance,led by Hindu Nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party met in New Delhi on Tuesday after which Modi’s Alliances were confident that victory was assured.

Home Minister and a senior member of the BJP, Mr. Rajnath Singh stated that “The NDA has resolved to speed up the economic growth and fulfill the needs of people in the next five years of our government”. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued advisory restraining broadcasters from airing the election day results on entertainment channels.


Gujarat has made an announcement following the Election Commission that the Result declaration may be delayed by 3 to 4 hours due to the Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) counting. The Election Commission also stated, “We’re committed to a strong, developed and inclusive India”.

Of the seven exit polls conducted, six have predicted that the NDA would comfortably fill the majority need of 272 seats in the lower house of the parliament and the main opposition Congress party has endorsed its workers to keep vigil at the centers where the votes are being preserved before the tomorrow count.

results live Tamil Nadu 2019
results live Tamil Nadu 2019

Tamil Nadu Lok Sabha Results Live:

Political Analysts and Experts say that the Lok Sabha Election Result would probably consolidate the mastery of Modi in politics while eroding the role of the Congress Party and will afford Space for the other promising parties. The Lok Sabha Election of 2019 was viciously contested, with Modi addressing 142 rallies and Rahul Gandhi addressing 145 rallies and witnessed both leaders travel thousands of kilometers crisscrossing the length and breadth of the country with the view of reaching out to the maximum number of people.

Entire India is waiting for the result that is to be declared today with the expectation that some change would occur and will help in both individual and national development. So if you have further doubts regarding the Tamil Nadu election result live,
election result Tamil Nadu live and election result live Tamil Nadu then let us know in comments.


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