Touch It If You Can – Aishwarya


Here we go The Second Promo of bigg boss,In this promo Aishwarya fights with Viji becomes more interesting & let’s wait for today’s promo for clear scenario

They are put with challenging tasks to avoid elimination and win the grand prize watch the promo below


Bigg Boss | 21st September 2018 - Promo 2


Aishwarya behave like a Psycho with Housemates

CCV Official Trailer 2 – STR | Vjs | Mani Ratnam | ARR


2 thoughts on “Touch It If You Can – Aishwarya”

  1. Aishwarya super da chellam u have to do like this only because they are targeting u don’t leave them if u r coming this week also don’t bother about that but should not keep quiet that’s all

  2. I don’t understand why Bigg Boss is still keeping a physcho/mental in the house. Total immature and respectful person. Each time Aiswarya should go out of the house there someone else will be leaving. Greedy pig! Rude and idiotic women.


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