Tubelight Movie Audio From March 1st


Tubelight Movie Audio From March 1st

After the Trailblazing teaser the Tubelight Movie team is ready with their Music Album

The music album of the  will be released on this Wednesday that is the 1 st of March 2016 Indra  Director & Actor has even  scored music for the film , So it is going to be a huge treat for Fans

“An imperfect man falling in love with a lovely girl with a crazy doctor playing the card between the man and his love is the one line story of our film ‘Tubelight’. The script was a non-linear type, so filming was a bit tough and adventurous. It was a pleasure for me to work with Pandiarajan sir who has done an amazing role in this movie and I assure that Tubelight would be a Visual treat for the audience…” says and signs-off Indra, the Director-come-Hero of the film ‘Tubelight’.


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