Vaishnavi abuse Daniel with Bad words

Bigg Boss Tamil season 2, Here we go in Today’s Promo Vaishnavi abuse Daniel, Daniel says that she trolls him with her language and he also requests Vaishnavi to encourage people who talk in Tamil.

In meantime, Vaishnavi gets very emotional, For clear updates watch the full episode, Watch the promo below and share with your friends if u like the promo & Don’t forget to follow our Page TamilGlitz for 24×7 News updates


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2 thoughts on “Vaishnavi abuse Daniel with Bad words”

  1. Vaishnavi is not fit for this game. Why she was given another chance to come in once eliminated. she should be sent back.
    Both Aishwarya and yashika are beeing protected by Bigg Boss for TRP .

  2. Evanum inga olungu illa… Including me…. Bad words la normala ellarukum varum……. Vaishu ne thana sonna ponnambalatha bad word pesuraru nu….. Apoo nee enna **** thuku ipo pesuna


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