Vijay TV Judge Uses Bad Word Publicly


vlcsnap-2015-08-26-22h23m44s235Vijay TV started their famous show ” Kalakapovathu Yaru ” once again and the first session of the show is going on very well. This show is to find out new talents .

The judges for this show were Erode Mahesh , Priyanka , Sethu , Myna and Balaji. During the last episode when Sethu explained about VS Raghavan he explained how VS Raghavan scolded him in one interview. When he was saying that he said ” Ethuku da intha naravay **** ” and almost all were shocked and it was telecasted without censoring . But Sethu was casual while saying this.


The audience were also  shocked while hearing this , to see this video check  at 15 : 25 minute of this video and you will be shocked



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