Vijay TV’s Athu Ithu Yethu beyond the Limit


Screenshot_8The Siricha Pochu Round of Athi Ithu Yethu Show in Vijya TV  is so popular for its humorous concepts ,it has its own audience who watches specially for that round. This show actually improved the respect for Vijya Tv among audience.

In this case a recent show of this had some contents which were not liked by many of its audience and they were almost annoyed on seeing that. In this show one of the performer    “Divakar ” went beyond the limit to make the guest laugh all the guests were Female and his activities were beyond the limit . To make the guests laugh he tried pulling their hair and tried kissing them, this was telecast-ed in Vijay TV and got a very poor response from audience and  in youtube dilikes was more than likes and comments started to flow in negative way.


This was reported to Vijay TV conents team and they said proper actions will be taken aand they also assure that hereafter such things wont happen.


After Vijay TV’s recent complaint about Saravanan Menatchi , Jodi No 1 now Athu Ithu Yethu show also joins the list of controversies.

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