Vijay TV’s Response to Super Singer Winner Controversy


Vijay TV’s Response to Super Singer Winner Controversy: After several speculation about the latest super singer finals Winner, Vijay TV have themselves come up with an official reply to all their Viewers.





Vijay TV’s Response to Super Singer Winner Controversy


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9 thoughts on “Vijay TV’s Response to Super Singer Winner Controversy”

    • how stupid, how can a channel go request singers from all the states to come and participate in the competition..and it’s an individual’s wish to participate in a competition. moreover super singer has had contestants participating from different states like kerela, Karnataka etc., and also from other countries as well.

    • Already there are too many other state winners. What do you want? That no Tamil shows should promote Tamil singers is it? So what do local talented Tamil singers do?
      Sing in trains?

      I hope next season we see more Tamilians participating. Tamil need not give chance to any other state because many other states have their own local singing competition!

  1. by the way , last but not least , SS5 is nothing at all competitive …it is just that you have to know the right people at the right time and place
    Here are some suggestions favourism
    2.profile screening to be done
    3.change the judges completely
    4.have another panel of judges on top finals ..have totally different judge panel
    6.dont let anyone talks sentimental on the competition place (i.e mum sick , dad …etc)
    7.none of the contestants should approach any panel judges
    8. also the presenters should not show partiality on any one

    • when people like you after hurting somebody’s feelings so badly are not worried then why should anand be worried? Anand has not cheated anybody. all his profiles, websites contained the information that he was a playback singer. not only me but many supporters of anand know that he has already sung songs in a few movies. Just because he has sung a few songs he is not as experienced as other famous playback singers like SPB sir, that he cannot contest a competition like super singer. there is no rule that a playback singer cannot contest the show. There are contestants of previous seasons who have sung songs in movies before.

  2. Don’t get worried Anand… there are so many fans of you like me who
    will support you all the times like we did in your final stage by
    cheering you.. those controversy was created by some persons like they
    had never viewed your profile.. they would have surfed in google at
    least before they start this problem.. then this wouldn’t be the
    controversy… Chill out Anand….

  3. There is no vested interests to the viewers. A few doubts
    1. whether the competition is for finding new / best talents of Tamil Nadu?
    2.Can an Amateur / New Talent compete with professional singers?
    3 And when it is done so, should not the Anchors and Audience be made aware of it? While voting most audience were of opinion that all were amateurs,
    4Why have you kept Age, employee, Production house to be a criteria? To filter some. So, Should not be Professionalism be a criteria too ? Because, they already know how to win /perform, better than the fellow amateurs.


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