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While Ajith is known as the most handsome among the actors of now with his title going on on like “King of” and “Mass hero”, Vijay is known for his dance, comedy, acting, mass opening. Moreover Vijay has been praised for his acting  can never be replaced by any, by many top super heroes of Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi Film Industry.

How does the movies of the two gives a box office hit? Ajith has about more than one crore fans who rush to the theatres within 3 weeks of the release of his movie. Of no doubt on the release day there is a guaranteed flow of crowd rushing!

But the number of neutral fans rushing for Ajith’s movie with their family is less comparatively. The crowd gets less in number within four to five weeks. Meanwhile with the highest number of fans, his movie collects the amount that was spent on it within three weeks in the box office.

Whereas it is entirely different in the case of Vijay. Even Vijay has about more than a crore fans, among them three fourth watch his movie on the first day of the release. The neutral fans rushing to his movie with their family is more in number. The reason that families are drawn towards his movie is that his movie promises to have a gentle combination of songs, comedy and in some, action at its peak leading to a collection more than 100 crore in the box office. Kathi is of special mention which ran successfully with 100 crore collection within 12 days. Moreover Vijay has got the pride that two of his movies collected 100 crores within 12 days in Tamil.

The hit movies of both with the movies categorised into mega hit, super hit, hit, average and flop. The hit rating of the movie may vary from person to person depending on one how look the movie. But the following is the true status of the hit rating.


Kathi Mangaatha
Thupakki Dina



Poovae Unakaga Aasai
Love Today Kaadhal Kottai
Kaadhaluku Mariyaadhai                                      Vaali
Friends Amarkalam
Thirupaachi Varalaaru
Kushi Villain
Thullaadha Manamum Thullum Billa
Sivakasi Aarambam
Madhura Veeram
Thirumalai Unnidathil Ennai Koduthaen



Rasigan Vaanmathi
Once More Kaloori Vaasal
Naeruku Naer Citizen
Ninaithaen Vandhai Kaadhal Mannan
Priyamanavalaehi Mugavaree
Aadhi Poovellam Un Vaasam
Vettaikaaran Kandukondaen Kandukondaen
Minsaara Kanna Aval Varuvaaloh
Pudhiya Geedhai English Vinglish
Kannukul Nilavu Yennai Arindhaal



Priyamudan Amaraavadhi
Bathri Irattai Jadai Vayasu
Youth Nee Varuvaai Ena
Bhagavathy Aanantha Poongatrae
Shajahaan Thirupathi
Azhagiya Tamizh Magan




Naalaya Theerpu En Veedu En Kanavar
Senthoora Paandi Prema Pusthagam
Deva Paasamalargal
Rajaavin Parvayilae Pavithra
Chandralekha Raajavin Paarvayilae
Coimbatore Maapillai Minor Maapilai
Vasandha Vaasal Nesam
Maanbumigu Maanavan Pahaivan
Selva Uyirodu Uyiraga
Kaalamellam Kaathirupaen Thodarum
Nilaavae vaa Unnai Kodu Ennai Tharuvaen
Endrendrum Kaadhal Saamraat Ashoka
Nenjinilae Red
Udhaya Raja
Sukran Yennai Thaalata Varuvaya
Pandhayam Aanjaneya
Villu Jana
Suraa G
Thalaiva Aazhvaar



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15 thoughts on “Vijay vs Ajith – ThalaThalapathy”

  1. whatever be your biased statistics that made by your personal interest, the ultimate star is the best. No doubt about that.

    Ajith is the next super star of kollywood because he is not just an actor but an inspiration for many…

  2. Ajith n vijay has more or less equal hita and flops with vijay 1 or 2 hits slighlty higher as he has acted in 3 films extra till date i.e vijay so far has acted in 59 films including theri and thala 56 films. i am die hard thala fan but not a hater of vijay. but when acting is considered it is thala over vijay…….. commercials anybody can give hits what vijay is doing now but character roles not all can act what thala did earlier. of course now ajith anna is doing monotonous roles ia ccept but still anytime individually as ana ctor ajith has an edge above vijay. comparing individually dual roles ajith has 3 bloclbusters 1 superhit n 1 decent hit n 1 flop. vijay ahs just 1 hit. vijay is yet to give a good performance n a box office hit in villain role. triple action,physically challenged role,don role what ajith has already got it. so ajith is way ahead of vijay. even acted as a terrorist basically in aarambam which was a superhit and vijay is yet to perform in this role. of course i do accept vijay has good films but when individual acting is considered it is thala

    • Why should Vijay act in a negative role ?!
      And even when he does people would say that he copies Ajith and is just following what he did. Individuality is something… Something very important.

    • see each and every role should be considered. vjay is not at all individual even the way he acts now. he is imitating super star. i am not a hater of vjay but his acting ways r like that. thats what i meant. both had ups and downs and have pros and cons in acting. but i am mentioning the versatality in roles. thats it.

    • Neenga ivlo act pannathaan ungalukku ivlo fans , enga Thalapathy normal aga screen presence thantha pothum , theatre athirum , Ippo puriyutha VIJAY MASS NU .

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