VJ Anjana Rangan to be engaged with Chandramouli


Famous Sunmusic VJ Anjana Rangan to get engaged with Kayal Hero Chandramouli on November 29th .

VJ Anjana has a huge fan following as equal to tamil heroine and she receives many public proposals in Twitter . This news was a shock to her fans :P


To add upon , this love started via Twitter itseems , it was found that Anjana and Chandramouli were frequently chatting via twitter via retweets and favourites :P


While the immensely popular Anjana is sure to break many hearts with this announcement, she is clearly over the moon herself. We ask each of them what they best like about the other. “I like the fact that he loves his family so much and is completely family oriented person. Along with him, I am deeply fond of his family as well. They have welcomed me with open arms.  I also love the way he gels with my mother. After my mom, I feel he’s the only person who I know will take care of me and love me unconditionally always. We are both matured individuals and we found we share the same family values and goals in life,” says Anjana.
Chandran’s eyes light up as he speaks of Anjana, “Shes’s a very giving person. She thinks of others more than she thinks of herself.  I can discuss anything under the sun with her and  I know she will give me an objective viewpoint.”



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