Yaashika refuse Mahat to support Balaji


In Today’s Bigg Boss 2 Tamil promo. It seems that Bigg Boss assigned a new task for Housemates to select the leader for this week.

All the contestant are actively participating in the task to select the leader for this week but Sendrayan unable to perform it. For the full update. Watch the promo below.



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9 thoughts on “Yaashika refuse Mahat to support Balaji”

  1. Only Sendrayan is a genuine person he may not have stylish looks but has a good heart,always thinks good about others and does good things,but that does not mean he is innocent/ignorant seems to be contented what is blessed with in life,other guys still looking for more in life,not happy about already blessed with

  2. Very disappointed big boss last week yaashika only the least count of vote. But you eliminate nithya. It is very very clear this game is fully scripted. Public all fools…

  3. If the public is asked to vote for the contestants , abide by the results. Don’t make us look like fools. I am talking about Nithyas shocking elimination over Yashika who got the least number of votes.Very very insulting and not fair by the voters. Bigg Bossis in necessarily Kamal Sirs chances on other issues!

    • Yeah i too felt the same

      yashika was in the last and how come she has been saved. R v all fools to vote then???
      I think vj tv loves that mid night masla only so retained Yashika


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