Yaashika Shocking Photos with Mahat – Leaked


In Yesterday’s Bigg Boss show Nithya get evicted. All the members in the scene including the housemates, host of the show Actor Kamal Hassan and the Audience get emotional. Amid all the emotional sequence Mahat and Yaashika are involved in the different thing.

Now that photograph of Mahat and Yaashika is shared virally on social media which explains what happened. Fans are saying that they might expect a short film this week.


Yaashika Shocking Photos with Mahat – Leaked 1

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote (Online Voting) Season 4


Yaashika Shocking Photos with Mahat – Leaked 2

Unlike the first season, the second season of Bigg Boss Tamil is full of competition, and revenge. Fan feel this season is not as good as the first season. Everyone is fighting with other contestants and the is no unity among housemates.


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9 thoughts on “Yaashika Shocking Photos with Mahat – Leaked”

  1. Basically everyone has their own character. Same goes here. Each and every participant are playing their part. They secure themselves where they suppose to and being competitive on the other hand. They will be fine if they just stop talking behind and pointing each others wrong. No one is perfect. Just ask yourself how true are you when meeting people on your daily life. We don’t know what these people really going through inside the house. Not all the scene being shown in the show.

  2. absolutely awesome program and going good.Good one vijay tv and bigg boss .Some people are being stupid and so typical .They dont like being them self but like people who are acting for the program.Stupid peoples.

  3. First throw idiot Daniela and that two girls and shariq irritating and spoiling the show and Crores watching spoiling our culture complete family watching along with children and elders B B and Kamal sir understand.

  4. Why you keeping the worst people in big boss
    Big boss team are you watching the cameras or not sharik and aishu dogs doing worst yashika and Mahat doing worst I don’t know why you removed Nithya if you want to increase your trp rating you do something why you spoiling the viewers
    Vijay TV is U channel or A channel


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