Anand Aravindakshan – Emotional Reply to Super Singer Issue

Anand Aravindakshan – Emotional Reply to Super Singer Issue: Last 2 days, the days that should’ve ideally been a celebration time for my hard earned success, has been a nightmare for me. Thank you to all the people and the Channel that stood by me during the hardest of times this week. I thought I had reached the pinnacle of success after 10 months of contesting , learning songs, competing, winning & 10 YEARS OF MY LONG WAIT FOR THAT 1 BIG STAGE. BUT A few kind souls created fake profiles to promote an already known fact from Google and my facebook profile all OF a sudden.. Throughout the super singer tenure,

I thought I had reached the pinnacle of success after 10 months of contesting , learning songs, competing, winning & 10 YEARS OF MY LONG WAIT FOR THAT 1 BIG STAGE. BUT A few kind souls created fake profiles to promote an already known fact from Google and my facebook profile all OF a sudden.. Throughout the super singer tenure, these information were available very much in all the sites and my Fb profile itself. If I really wanted to conceal any fact, I could’ve deleted all the information, which I never did, simply because I had the eligibility to contest… These 2 days, I have started feeling I am the most unlucky singer & I shouldn’t have had big dreams and aspirations about my career, like everyone else.

All these years , I was one among 1000’s of playback singers in the industry trying to give my demo CD, sing jingles, scratches, devotional songs, tracks and film songs for over a decade, wherein one in 50 songs would get approved in my voice and the others would be replaced by Heroes, Music directors, Bollywood singers or Super Singers.. I started having heavy insecurities about my career, as recordings weren’t materializing and show opportunities were never in the scene.. As a full-time musician, I didn’t want to live the rest of the 40-50 years singing one song every year and waiting for a break or the next song opportunity for the rest of the year. I was not SPB Sir, Shankar Mahadevan sir or Karthik Sir to be known by the whole world and to be sought after. Or if I were one of them, I wouldn’t be appearing for auditions with thousands of other singers and going through a one year competition process .. No one knew me or my playback background that was very much available in Internet all these years . That’s precisely the reason why I participated.. I wanted you all to know who I am. Everybody craves for a recognition, why am I being treated differently? .. I was not even a client’s last option for performing at their event for a cost that’s 1/10th the payment of other singers. I have approached event managers asking them just for opportunities at no cost , so that I can build some contacts and get a platform to showcase my skills. But how long could I have done that? I had big dreams but would end up listening to success stories of my co-singers and feeling inferior about not being anywhere close.I did try many other reality shows and had even won them but with no luck in terms of elevating my career musically after that. I decided to try my luck in one of the most popular reality shows- Super Singer that has given life and career to most of the aspiring playback singers whom I have known for many years. My friends who were unsuccessful playback singers and who craved for recognition and popularity went to Super Singer previous seasons and came out as most successful and sought after artists. I was inspired. I wanted to learn the Art of Live singing and get exposed to singing confidently for thousands of people without stage fear. Here I am today, after checking my eligibility criteria, contesting with 10,000 other contestants, being judged initially by my friends, co-singers and juniors without feeling embarrassed about it, facing a risk of being eliminated in every round , bearing no special advantage from the channel or judges on any grounds, after having worked really hard to give my best and winning the title – ending up facing a lot of humiliation that I don’t deserve. Super Singer gives exposure to anyone who is aspiring to come out as a much better singer, with professional voice training / Rehearsals/ Experience of performing with great musicians and Fine tuning by qualified judges … We are all trained to be at par with each other by the show so the competition is very fair and healthy. So Where comes the question of competing with Amateur singers ? Live singing and singing in a studio are both poles apart. There is no retake or a second chance if mistakes are made during live singing. It’s a make or break situation everytime and costs a lifetime career for contestants like me. Infact, it’s more insecure for a full-time musician like me singing for a living, to not know the road ahead as against a co-contestant having an IT job and drawing a monthly salary singing just for exposure. I put my heart and soul for this victory and have had equal or more struggle than other contestants too. Its disheartening to know that my victory is bothering so many people who are now debating about the rules of the competition after 5+yrs of it being changed, who don’t really watch the show, who have deleted their profiles after having happily achieved what they wanted to spread or for that matter people who don’t even know struggles that an unsuccessful playback singer faces . I never came to this show for a flat or a prize. I came with a mere hope of getting to some level , say a top 20 or a top 10 that could give me shows and recordings to make a living filled with passion . No rule was broken, there wasn’t a rule in first place on my eligibility- the only one rule that channel had was the age limit above 14 years. Channel had clearly announced only flat and other prizes in every round during this season, unlike the first season where debut playback singing opportunity for a music director was announced in every episode. If some people assumed that this season was to find a new talent to give his debut playback opportunity, is that our mistake? Does Brammanda kural thedal mean Cinemavil padadha kural from any angle? No one can hold the channel or me responsible for your assumptions. Kindly don’t assume, it costs you nothing to find the truth , guidelines and then write. But It costs us poor contestants our reputation and life. Beyond all this, every co-contestant of mine knew I was a playback singer. Did they raise any issue! Not only me, my co-contestants, my previous season Singers and also Contestants and winners from few other reality shows from other channels have had A playback singing record. It’s a very broad term- someone who has sung only one song all through his life is also a playback singer and someone like an Spb sir who has crossed half a lakh songs is also a playback singer. Extremely worrying, depressing and negative I feel, after putting in so much for my own career through this show . After a 10 year struggle, I found a ray of hope through this show and also worked real hard to attain it.. And I thought I attained it. But this issue has actually pushed me to where I was 10 years back, and left me thinking why I even won this show. Was I better off standing outside studios & waiting for a single glance ?! I Don’t know !!! BUT what I know is it was little more peaceful then .. YES, I didn’t have many people who Loved me , but may be back then many didn’t hate me !


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  1. Nobody knew Anand is a playback singer,only after he won it,people spread the news,,I belive Vijay tv must be knowing this fact,,,I doubt it must be Vijay Tv who spread the News and who wanted to run another few episodes after the Show was over!!Vijay Tv wil do anything for TRP!!!
    None is against Anand but there are many people who r irrirated of Vijay TV who actually do anything for TRP!!!!!I support ANAND and Hate VIJAY TV!!

  2. He is a cheater with his fake smile. Can’t fool tamil people again.
    ஆனந்த் அரவிந்தாக்ஷன், நீ என்னோட பாட்டு ஒண்ணும் ஹிட்டாகல…அதனால, பிரபலம் ஆகுறதுக்குத்தான் போட்டில கலந்துக்கிட்டேனு சொல்லுறியே…சரி..ஒரு பேச்சுக்கு அதை ஒத்துக்குவோம். இப்போ முதலாமிடம் பிடிச்சு பிரபலமாயிட்டேல்ல…வாங்கின பரிசைத் திருப்பிக் கொடு பார்க்கலாம். இல்லே…அந்த இலங்கைத் தமிழ்ச் சிறுமி செய்தது போல, ஒன்னோட பரிசை ஏதாவது அநாதை இல்லத்துக்கு, ஆசிரமத்துக்கு கொடு பார்க்கலாம். அப்படிச் செய்தால், நீ மனுஷன்யா. இல்லே…???

  3. Well said by Ananth vaithiyanathan Sir in today’s episode..!!! Thank you soo much..!!! I don’t know whether you all will see this page or not..!! but somehow I’m happy that by some means these comments by us will reach you people soon i hope..!!! Thank you team..!!!

    Anand please SMILE..!! Your face is seen dulled..!! So please smile..!!! Your smile is one of the reason for me to watch the program..!!! Smile Smile Smile..!!! Your face is seen all over the world..!! so please Smile and Make us smile too..!!!

    ARAVINDAKSHAN IS NO MORE IN TROUBLE…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :* <3


    • Very true. Stop condemning Anand cause he has a true talent in him. Keep going Anand. Those ppl who talk behind ur back, will be the one who might praise u in future.
      we need your music and travel the music journey with ur songs!!! Never give up ur passion for some ppl who doesnt know the value of it. As long u knew, u were sincere…let go of all this ppl who only dare to talk behind. Our support is always for u!!!!

  5. There are so many worthless people who don’t know the value of Him.. he deserves the title… people after knowing he had already sung songs in certain films only had voted him and had made him as the title winner.. as such he got some 9,00,000+ votes and the votes for 2nd place is 4,00,000+ only.. this shows his talent..!!!

  6. Anand, even though there are ppl who criticize u,, always are ahead of them. You don’t have to feel sorry for winning this show, cause u r truly worth it. I don’t even knw whether u will see this msg or not, but all i want to say is…You are indeed a true super singer!!Everyone who followed this show from the beginning will never be able to accuse something out of u. We saw your potentials.A true talent! Always remember we cannot satisfy everyone. Be strong, Anand. No matter what happens, true fans will keep on searching for u and support with a whole heart..and i am one of them and will always be one as well.. forever !

  7. Anand I saw the celebration round today!!! I saw your face u r so sad I understand ur situation but I knew ur smiling face but it was robbed by some peoples!!! Don’t bother about it you have lot of fans they have very beautiful place in their heart we always encourage u!!! I don’t know whether u see this but I always support uuuuuuu…..pls reply panu!!!

  8. Hey why should he return the title he always worth for it!!! First understand what is play back singer it means the person who is so popular by his song and he should recognize by the people!!! And answer my question before anand come to super singer you know who he is???? So don’t blame others!!!pls if u r not interested to praise him then stop blame him

  9. you should be really ashamed of your act , if you are genuine and you realised your mistake then you should de-announce the win and the money and everything

  10. Its not a wrong one bcoz before anand come to super singer we didn’t knew who he was!!! And we were not so familiar with those songs sung by him!! After this program we knew about him & we search for his songs!!! So super singer only exposed him who he was so its not a wrong one! Anand don’t worry abt it!!! You always deserve the title & u move on ur life don’t bother abt others!!! Do what u want it!!! It always right I always support u

  11. If you say even after singing few playback song you were not recognised and that’s why you choose super singer to get fame and stage where people can recognise you moving forward. Then do you mean to say like singers who already got opportunity to become playback singers and also sungs few songs but are not recognised by names should again participate in the super singer reality show for getting recognised by industry . Kindly justify.

    Happened is happened . It’s better you keep calm and concentrate on your career instead of justifying yourself .

    Good luck to you :)

    I still remember singer balaji who came for audition few years before but left without participating in super singer as he got chance for singing his first song during audition in Trichy I guess. He became playback singer now.

    People asked why without even participating you are leaving super singer. He answered I got chance to sing before participating itself so wanted people get chance using super singer platform with which they can become playback singer.

    Singer balaji first song was from ninaithale inikum ( Sex lady under Vijay Antony musicals )

  12. Anand, you have not violated any rules, you are perfectly right in defending yourself, you deserve your victory, you have such a beautiful voice, God bless you

  13. Chii….Disgusting…If you know you are already a singer…Why do u participate and snatch other persons opportunity….All politics will happen only in Vijay Tv ditch…

  14. Anand there are lotssssss of fans for u just don’t bother with these silly nonsense go ahead and enjoy ur music as usual

  15. Typical emotional/sentimental drama executed by him & Vijay TV…. Why don’t you return the 1st prize before sending this emotional story?

  16. There are lot of people who develop their skill set from scratch and they come for this contest. People like Anand who is already a play back singer sung lot of songs, who already got opportunity, is coming to contest and ruining other people opportunity. Look if you are not famous, do something else, rather than competing with these people and winning. It is like 10 std student participating in 5th std students drawing competition. Get lost man. You screwed the career of another good play back singer… wait for the Karma to take effect of this.

    • Just because you support him i cannot support him… He cheated that’s it. However you have rights to comment i have rights too. If you don’t like you get lost. I encourage others who have struggled so hard and found their path, not like these people.

    • Yes, not he cheated but the channel….This is channel is a fully TRP rating centered and I stopped watching it since a year back….Full of Malayalees…Chiiii

    • Yes, not he but the channel…This channel is full of inappropriate double meaning showzz…I stopped watching this channel since a year…fully TRP centered…Full of malayalees…It is not a tamil channel rather….disgusting to watch…

  17. Fareedha Akka previously was a stage performer was told many times in the show. Every contestants previous singing history was told. But why the fact about Anand wasn’t told even once. If you need only recognition then give the flat you got as a prize to fareedha akka or someone from a poor background. Chumma vaayla vada sudaatha. Emotional ah pesi cheat panaatha.

  18. Seems emotional. I haven’t seen the show for all these years. Rather don’t believe in so called reality shows. Maybe t could be a showcase. Good luck

  19. Dear Anand,im from makaysia..there are so many fans for you all around the world..this is just temperorary, dont let ur self down..more to go..Remember “Kannamma “song sung by you…thats show ur potential…now no time to worried, take next step on ur career..Take care n God bless…

  20. Don’t get worried Anand… there are so many fans of you like me who will support you all the times like we did in your final stage by cheering you.. those controversy was created by some persons like they had never viewed your profile.. they would have surfed in google at least before they start this problem.. then this wouldn’t be the controversy… Chill out Anand….


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