Balaji accuse Daniel’s Behaviour


In Today’s Bigg Boss 2 Tamil promo. It seems that Bigg Boss assigned a new task to housemates in which everyone questions Daniel.

Balaji talk bad about Daniel’s Behaviour in the Bigg Boss House For the full update watch the full episode. Watch the promo below.


Bigg Boss | 20th July 2018 - Promo 2


Mahat Tease Daniel

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5 thoughts on “Balaji accuse Daniel’s Behaviour”

  1. Ponnambalam, Senrayan, Balaji are real.
    Rithvika, Janani are ok.
    Please be like what you are now.
    Don’t loose your originality.

    • janani,ponnambalam,balaji,senrayan are real. sobecausetherewillbe noelimation4members not go ok. rithvika only will be going there was very very very bad acting, talking, speech, and bad words .

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