Mersal Teaser Breaks Youtube Records, Its Achivements So Far

Mersal Teaser Records So Far

Actor Vijay’s upcoming movie Mersal teaser released on Thursday evening 6 pm. Soon after its release, the teaser starts dominating the youtube and beating the world records.

At The End of Four Hours

Within first 10 minutes, Mersal teaser reached 112k likes. At the end of 4 hours, Mersal teaser achieved 599k likes beating Vivegam record of 598k likes in 4 hours.

At The End of 6 Hours

At the end of 6 hours, Mersal Teaser gained the record of the most liked teaser in 635k likes and 5 million views. But in the same time, the teaser got 34k dislikes.

At The End of 20 Hours

At the end of 20 hours, Mersal Teaser achieved 715k likes with 10 Million Views. But as well it got 152k dislikes. Now the Mersal teaser holds the record of the most liked teaser on youtube.



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