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Remo Review: Remo Movie has created a huge buzz before its release because of its cast and the technicians involved. Sivakarthikeyan and Keerthy Suresh as lead, Anirudh musical and also PC Sreeram in the team makes it a big crew and as evident from the teaser and trailer, the production value is rich and colourful. The songs and trailer were a huge hit and obviously increasing the hype for the movie.


Remo, the name which was earlier used to refer Vikram will hereafter refer to Sivakarthikeyan ! Now lets get into remo movie review. The story line of the movie is that an aspiring actor uses the Nurse getup to make the girl doctor he loves to fall in love with him. Though the film story line and scenes are nothing new, still it manages to look fresh because of Sivakarthikeyan’s touch and also all the beautiful frames from PC Sreeram.


The performance of Sivakarthikeyan as Nurse is too good, his mannerism and makeup everything works well. The makeup is soo good on screen when compared to that released in posters. Sivakarthikeyan who was acclaimed as a pure entertainer, has shown his acting skills in this movie. He looks super cute in the nurse getup.

Keerthy Suresh also did a good job, her role is different from the previous Rajini Murugan. She looks even more beautiful in frame with PC Sreeram as cinematographer. The directer has user the previous ROM-COM templates giving it a fresh look in today’s standard. The villain’s role was not so pleasing, it looks too filmy, could have been handled a little better.


The songs are already a hit and adding to the visuals it looks fantastic on screen, hats off to Anirudh. The songs are pictured very well, Vaadi En Tamizhselvi song will be talked for its visuals ! BGM was also good and increases the heroism of Sivakarthikeyan.

On the whole REMO targets its audience perfectly and Sivakarthikeyan took it wholely to next level. Remo stands out to be a technically good product and Entertains Well !


Verdict : Remo is surely REMOntic with Sivakarthikeyan polishing it hard. 

Rating : 3.5/5


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  1. Fantabulous performance by Mr.SK. The REMO character couldn’t have been done by any other actor except him. Very versatile acting. Good entertainment. Story was unique and not the usual romantic masalas. Applauds to the director. Songs were good. Being one amoung the audience in the theatre I salute the dedication of Mr.SK and the entire team that has worked hard to make Remo a grand success.


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